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  1. Why Automatics Are Better Than Manuals

    Yeah, I care about horsepower, but only to a point. After that you can keep your HP/TQ......said no one ever.
  2. Why Automatics Are Better Than Manuals

    If the GT500 is any're not wrong.
  3. Age of Mustang buyers?!

    47...on my 6th Mustang.
  4. 2 year caliper re-paint check

    Awesome, they look great. I finally broke down took all four off, ripped the seals out and had them powder coated. Hope to never deal with it again.
  5. Subwoofer replacement options

    I replaced all the mids with JL Audio C2 Comps in the front and C2 Coaxials in the back. Running them off a 75 x 4 JL Audio amp. 12" Sundown in a box made for it and a JL Audio 1000 mono amp. Both amps tied into an Audio Control LC7i. I don't use the trunk for anything as it is not my daily...
  6. Why Automatics Are Better Than Manuals

    Plenty of people care about care about faster...or you would drive a honda and not be "one with the manual transmission".
  7. How much difference does a supercharger make ?

    Basically naturally aspirated you can take out a Cars and Coffee crowd but BOOSTED....Mustang Week Crowd :)
  8. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    That blue is VIBRANT! I do like THOSE aftermarket tail lights...very clean.
  9. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Cruise around Charleston, SC one beautiful day with about 10 other guys/gals. :)
  10. GT350 vs GT350R - Talk me out of an R

    Nothing of value other than to say you are different as you say. I would get rid of my Mustang before my Truck and you sound like you need a Truck but have three muscle/sport cars. Get the R if you plan on driving it as designed. Get a newer non R if you plan on driving it as you have...
  11. Why Automatics Are Better Than Manuals

    Meh... I've enjoyed both sides of the fence. 96 Mystic Cobra, 5 speed 02 GT Auto..Procharged with 4.10 gears, 2800 stall 04 Mach 1, 5 Speed 04 KB Cobra, 6 Speed 11 5.0, 6 Speed 15 Procharged GT, Auto If I dedicated the car to the drag strip no way I would use a manual. If it was an all...

    I've since removed the calipers and had them powder coated. But if you want to paint them this is a damn good match.
  13. Why is the rear ride height so low?

    +1 on the Steeda Spring Spacers, did it myself. Easy Easy Install!
  14. Why do people blur out their tags in photos?

    HAHAHAHA.....glad you said something I was about to post my crowd killer comment again!
  15. Have you gave your car a name yet?

    Meh, not really. Sexy or Mistress. My friend called his Cobra R "Big Red" and always called my Comp Orange Terminator "Big Orange". Now I have a S550 Comp Orange so he still calls her "Big Orange". Nothing fancy.
  16. Going back to an S197 a bad idea?

    14 Shelby would be the only step back in time I would make of recent years.
  17. 3.5Eco Exploder oil Catch cans?

    No one will tell you they will hurt the vehicle, no one will say the won't help. They just say it isn't needed. Sure the engine will eat up the oil and water....does that it make it a bad idea not to stop it before hand. NO.
  18. Coyote 3 Oil Catch Can

    People will lean one way or another on catch cans. Yes the engine is designed to burn off the very small amounts of water and oil that go back through. Is it a good idea to prevent that from happening...I think so. If you are boosted the need to have one jumps as you will get more blow-by. It's...