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  1. Anyone near Fontana, California?

    Hey guys, I was recently in touch with S&B inquiring about if they planned to release a CAI for our car. They said they are having difficulty finding a donor GT500 to do the R&D on. They gave me the contact info of their R&D team and said if I was in or knew anyone in the Fontana area willing...
  2. Another Ford Quality Example

    Well I kinda wondered the same thing. He told me it was the worst factory paint he has seen. He had my car for 6 weeks with ppf, ceramic, and paint correction. However most of the corection was spent on the rear since my car was transported incorrectly (very front and top of truck. Rear end...
  3. Another Ford Quality Example

    Here are the photos of the overspray on the lower fascia of my car. And the significant paint run. It looks like lighting/shading... its not. It's all overspray.
  4. Shelby GT500 : The Everyday Racecar

    Which res delete u have? I've been looking at a few.
  5. Shelby GT500 : The Everyday Racecar

    Great video!! What exhaust set up you running? Sounds fantastic!
  6. Another Ford Quality Example

    Yep strait off the truck like that. And I didn't let dealer do any prep or anything..... they just pulled it off truck. Plastic and everything was on it when I got it.... so I got it how it left the plant... I'll post pics tomorrow.
  7. Another Ford Quality Example

    Id be happy if thats all that was wrong with my paint.. My entire lower fascia is almost black with over spray. Several paint swirls, runs, and defects all over car. My ppf guy did his best on paint correction. But it's still not great. Just something I've learned to live with. No one has...
  8. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    Of all the systems, I really like the sound of the SW. Just can't justify 2k+ just for a sound change. Shame they are all so expensive.
  9. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    So your experience echos mine with their customer service.. I'm by no means bashing shifteck but they underwhelmed me with their responses to my emails seeking info and a few questions I had about their res delete options for the 500. They were very vague and only 2-3 word responses. They...
  10. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    Agree 100% ... I like the borla, corsa, and SW cat back. BUT they are way too expensive just for a sound change and corsa really drops the ball with the smaller 4" tips. So for now, I'm just considering the res delete. Unless there are some crazy black friday/holiday discounts or rebates...
  11. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    "If" I ever do it, I will get the Shiftteck" yeah I been eyeballing their V2 X pipe. 304 stainless, 3", and cheaper than competition.
  12. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    I completely agree. Which is why I'm only considering 3" options.
  13. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    I have been looking into this myself. I emailed borla and they said they don't have any plans to make the switchfire x that's specific to our car available as a solo item. The GT version is a 2.5"-2". I compared pics of it to the one that comes with the Atak cat-back system for our cars. Ours...
  14. Lethal Performance 2020 Shelby GT500 Stainless Steel Resonator Delete

    Thanks! That helps me alot! I have a buddy that I can get the corsa double x from for about 100 cheaper than the Lethal single X. Just not sure how much of a difference that will make in sound. In the grand scheme of it all its only 100.00 but if the result is similar then I'm helping him out...
  15. Lethal Performance 2020 Shelby GT500 Stainless Steel Resonator Delete

    I'm in a similar boat. Unless I am on the phone, I'm in track exhaust 100% of the time. I juat want my normal mode to sound like track. Mainly so I don't have to hit "ok" everytime I put it in track exhaust mode. Lol! But would like sport to be a step above the current Track setting. Then...
  16. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    I swear my eyes have crossed from reading and watching videos of res deletes. I'm so torn on x vs h. My shop is pushing me towards x. I have a buddy that has the double X available. Afraid the double X will be too raspy.... I dunno! So confused! Lol
  17. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    My bad.... for some reason my eyes read borla. I'm losing it! Lol!
  18. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    What did you do with the switchfire x pipe that comes with borla system?
  19. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    My buddy just swapped his corsa double x for a double H on his 19 GT. I'm half tempted to take his double X to my exhaust guy to fab some reducers, ditch the resonators, and have it fitted up to the 500. Curious to see how it would sound.
  20. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    I contacted them about piecing out their system and selling just res delete, etc. They said they have no plans to offer anything other than the cat back system at this time. Wonder if anyone on here has some pull with them to convince em otherwise!