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  1. '22 California Special getting some changes

    At least they found a use for the extra Bullitt parts.

    Me personally I’d replace the cabin filter and while it’s out, I’d run the fan and spray Lysol in the filter cavity. Put in a new filter and Lysol it see how you feel.
  3. Coolest job you ever had?

    Around ‘91 I was stationed in Vieques PR, a small tropical island with the Seabees. One job the equipment operators had was to drive the open cab water tanker and refill it. Took an hour or so to fill sitting in the sun looking over the Caribbean at PR listening to my Walkman. Good times
  4. Any way to improve audio quality?

    I have the 12 speaker system and for me disconnecting the center speaker didn’t help. I actually like it better with it working. I’d like the whole system just clearer and richer. I’m usually around 15 on the dial.
  5. Talk Me Out Of It!!!

    Down here liability on a cheap car is $30-35 a month. Unless you’ve had a good beater, most people don’t get it. I also get not wanting to drive one too.
  6. Talk Me Out Of It!!!

    I love the beater life. I have a ‘99 Isuzu Rodeo. It gets to park up front at the stores. Dirt roads mud, rain etc. You can’t beat em. If you can find a good clean one I’d jump on it.
  7. Convertible Magneride?

    No, I’m like you I just want a smooth riding car. I’m not tracking or racing. The thing that made the biggest improvement was going from 20’s to 18’s. The 20’s made the car horrible. Granted I have a ‘16 and they made some improvements in ‘18. But, our ‘16 is paid for and has been solid...
  8. Convertible Magneride?

    I wouldn’t consider Koni Actives. I purchased em when they first came out and the rear shocks failed around 10k miles. I’m still running the front and they seem ok. But I’m seriously considering swapping them for Bilstiens.
  9. Petrol - Unleaded & Premium

    At .60 to a dollar a gallon difference here in Louisiana I wouldn’t. At some point it’s a business and little things add up. If the difference came out of the salesman’s pocket, that’s lunch.
  10. 10R80 Big Problem

    I would get the battery tested. Sometimes a bad or dead cell will cause issues. It doesn’t seem like a battery issue, but it’ll eliminate one variable.
  11. Forum promo code Steeda?

    Me too! Looking at the g-trac k brace. Thanks
  12. sold my rental house

    I’m sure it was to help pay her plastic surgeon :)
  13. 2021 Window / Top Issue

    Was it sitting in the show room with the top down? If so that will make it tight. I’d get it wet and let the material relax and see if it helps. I can’t help on the windows, the ‘16s auto up feature was disabled.
  14. Lubing the latches!

    Just a FYI for some that may not be aware. The front latches will get dry from sitting up and with the top up you may get a metal popping or rattle sound directly over head. Put a little lube where the top latches to the frame and back to normal. Jf
  15. No Clue Shift

    This is equivalent to me asking what all the different lines are on a sewing machine.
  16. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    Sadly people selling beaters think their junk cars are worth $$$$ more.
  17. Design 👍 or 👎?

    It’s useless where I live.
  18. Science is now cancelled?

    In all honesty we need to thin the herd. If this virus doesn’t another one will. Happens in wildlife all the time and in history. You can’t save everyone. Let it do its thing and move on.