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  1. 18+ GT Performance Tune Pac

    Here it is. Motorcraft 129827-07650084 If you decide you want a reusable dry one: Airaid M-9601-G and another option is the oiled Green Filter 7663
  2. Roush CAI, worth it?

    I had one on my car before going the Ford Performance calibration route. The Roush did nothing except increase a lot when sitting at lights, so imo without a tune its nothing but an eye piece.
  3. BBQ tick :(

    I never had the tick until my 2nd oil change.
  4. Vroom appraisal?

    I know someone who recently sold to Vroom without issue. Be 100% honest with the quote and all should be good. If it asks if your car has scratches check it off. However, I have heard stories of people selling their car, 2 days later getting a call saying their inspection didn't match what was...
  5. Piped in interior exhaust noise, question. on a 2020

    Ecoboots dont use sound tubes. Thats the GT's. He mentioned 2.3.
  6. Piped in interior exhaust noise, question. on a 2020

    You might find your answer in this thread.
  7. Roush supercharger kit installed!

    Dealerships are like the mafia with strip clubs and jewerly stores. You dont dare enter someone elses territory. :cwl: LOL
  8. Roush supercharger kit installed!

    I wish. You're in IA, I'm in FL. I love my car, but I'm not making that trip. lol
  9. Roush supercharger kit installed!

    That really is a good price. My local dealer wants close to 4k just for installation alone.
  10. Weird noise coming from passenger side (dealer service appointment scheduled)

    A lot of dealers will say, "We didnt find anything abnormal" so if you have videos it helps to show the dealer (if they are one that actually cares) the sounds. Waranty comes into play if they find something and need to service it. They still have to look and document any issues you bring up.
  11. Warranty VS. Tuning

    If you want a tune and want to play it safe, get one that's actually covered under a warranty. Roush and Ford Performance are the only 2 if installed at a dealer or ase mechanic. They are more calibrations then anything, but can wake the car up a little. You just won't get anything dramatic.
  12. More proof that an oil separator is a good idea

    No reason to use a drivers side unless you are constantly hardcore racing on a track. Passenger is all that is needed for most.
  13. where to put catch can

    I put mine right next to where I keep the blinker fluid.
  14. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I contacted Ford Performance and they said there hasn't been any updates since the calibration came out and unless they find an odd serious issue there will never be one. I never got a response as to why the procal says writing to disk after looking for tunes other than it will always do that.
  15. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Anyone know if there has been any tune updates since the calibration came out? FP says they don't usually update unless theres issues. I plugged my procal 4 into my pc for the heck of it. It said looking for tunes then sending files then writing to disk. My tune shows as kr3a-fpmga3-bgf.bin I...
  16. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    If the tune isn't stored in the procal something wasn't done right. It does sound like the tune wasn't uploaded to the car as mentioned. I downloaded the tune to the Procal myself before taking it to the dealer for install.
  17. Tire recommendation for my Mustang GT 2018

    I 2nd the Michelins and yes I'd get all new ones.
  18. Did some painting today

    I thought about getting some from that guy. Do they fit good?
  19. Your thoughts on IRS

    When I saw, "What are your thoughts on IRS?" my mind went right to Irwin R Schyster. :cwl: