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  1. '22MY Mustang colors (including paint codes)

    Nice, they haven't brought back Royal Crimson.
  2. 2015 and newer back window replacement

    I cannot say for sure, but I suspect that is a replacement. I am not sure how you would go about removing and replacing the window with the top on the car but a top shop should be able to tell you. And you are the first I’ve heard who had a window shatter. Did someone sit on the top while it was...
  3. Anyone order back mats? Thinking of Lloyd mats- what is the right color?

    Since I daily mine, I purchased Weather Tech mats. I just leave them in the back year round. Basically nobody sees them except for the very occasional rear passenger.
  4. Manuals Are Losers

    The first time I ever drove a car, it was a manual, when I was about 13 (some 45+ years ago now) at our cottage. My brother took me out in his Datsun and got me moving the car, albeit only in first as there wasn't enough room to upshift. Since then I've owned plenty of manuals from original...
  5. Door panel tear

    I’d suggest the hair dryer route as well. Use something rounded (like the end of a screwdriver handle) to massage it gently. If you’re already considering buying a replacement panel, trying this first won’t hurt and may save your panel.
  6. Convertible Frame Breaking

    It’s hard to tell from the original photo, but are we talking about the arm which runs from the side to an attachment point at about the halfway point of the rear window? Which detaches at the window end? If so, I believe that there was an updated clip for 2018. My car had the top replaced as it...
  7. bad odor after wash

    I’ve never thought that washing a car with a pressure washer is a good idea (or using car washes) since it pushes water much further into the car than a garden hose wash. I generally have the nozzle on a fan setting to minimize the pressure. I hope you find your problem, but I would start by not...
  8. Interior heat problem.

    Yeah, I put my phone in there once to connect it to the USB port. Never again. It was really toasty after a long, steady state cruise on the highway. Not likely good for it.
  9. soft tonneau cover

    The problem is that there isn't really anywhere to attach a soft one, which typically rely on snaps around the rear edge, which on the S550 consists mainly of the trunk lid.
  10. OEM Battery life

    There are, as mentioned, many variables and many outcomes. Perhaps you should be purchasing Powerball tickets.
  11. OEM Battery life

    Not really. When they created “maintenance free” batteries more than several decades ago, they simply had figured out to slow the evaporation rate, meaning the battery lasted to what the buying public considered an acceptable life. Modern cars use far more power, and constantly, which has been...
  12. Convertible top maintenance

    As regards beading, the makers of 303 suggested that to test the product on the top (for, say, when you are wondering if it is time to reapply) you should use a spray bottle to mist the material and if that still beads, you still have protection.
  13. Is it huge downgrade to trade in my 2020 GT350 for a Stinger?

    I considered the Stinger when I started looking at a new vehicle. The only reason it got dropped off the list was because at the time Canada was only getting the V6, which was a little more than I wanted to spend. I imagine that the practical side of the car is a bonus, with reasonable performance.
  14. 2022 M-Won speculation thread

    LOL, you just keep throwing out the insults as “lightening the mood”. Just admit that the Mustang II was a sales success in its time and move on. And baby Jesus is more likely crying over your behaviour than a piece of metal.
  15. 2022 M-Won speculation thread

    Having been around the car scene since my mid-teens (45+ years), it irritates me when I see people pumping up their likes by dumping on their dislikes. I pretty much like all cars, and am happy to discuss same with their owners. I backed up my argument with facts, the above simply reinforces my...
  16. 2022 M-Won speculation thread

    Oh yay, more Mustang II hate. That car kept the lights on and enabled the Mustang to thrive and be here today. The top 5 (full) years for Mustang sales were 1966 (607,458), 1965 (559,451), 1967 (472,121), 1974 (385,993) and 1979 (369,936) (Source: CJ Pony Parts). In fact, 1974 sold only ~26,000...
  17. General Top Down Question

    Nice. My first convertible was a ‘75 Midget that I had for 7 years until our first came along. Then I had an ‘80 TR8 for 5 years. The Mustang is a result of searching for a LBC again, until I gave up and decided to combine toy and daily driver so I could enjoy every day.
  18. Some one tried to car jack the wife

    Not gun related but just as bad or worse. If you want to see how crappy ours justice system is, read this. It makes me sick to my stomach every time it gets mentioned because he’s from some rich...
  19. Some one tried to car jack the wife

    In Canada, we are required to politely leave the car and allow the thief to drive away. And except for some someone who has severe restrictions (including keeping the gun and ammo in seaparate locations, preferably the gun at the shooting range and the ammunition in a safe in your basement)...
  20. General Top Down Question

    If I’m just running in somewhere I’ll leave it down. Also more likely to leave it down if I am somewhere well away from Toronto. Do lock the doors though. Just this week we’re travelling and had to park under trees. More bird poop on car in three days than in the past three years.