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  1. Got big chip in my 21 gt

    Had a rock hit my XPEL and left a divot. After a couple days in the sun it went away. Can even find it now. great product n
  2. Got big chip in my 21 gt

    I did XPEL and it saved me. The film healed itself.
  3. 2018-2019 Ford Mustang Painted GT Engine Plenum Cover

    I used engine enamel. Prime it first.
  4. 2018-2019 Ford Mustang Painted GT Engine Plenum Cover

    It’s not hard. Elvis is the inspiration.
  5. Age of mustang owners?

    67 here. My first was a 1976 Cobra II 302 4-speed
  6. Add Trunk lighting

    I did similar with my foot wells. Great improvement.
  7. Road Trip Advice

    I found a complete spare kit locally for $80. Hope I don’t need it.
  8. Road Trip Advice

    I didn’t know the Pirelli P zero we’re run flat?
  9. Road Trip Advice

    Make that 127 curves in 13 miles. And no motorhomes 👍🏻
  10. Road Trip Advice

    Nope. There’s a road to Jerome with 100+ turns in something like 25 miles.
  11. Road Trip Advice

    No tune. 87 will work in a pinch.
  12. OEM Battery life

    I just topped off the water on my ‘18 with distilled.
  13. Road Trip Advice

    What about fuel? I’ve been running 91 non- ethanol sence new. Probably won’t find that at Love’s.
  14. Road Trip Advice

    I already have Xpel film on the nose. Should be good there.
  15. Road Trip Advice

    Copy that
  16. Road Trip Advice

    Found a spare for $100
  17. Road Trip Advice

    I may have to do one top end run out in New Mexico somewhere.