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  1. Worried the used car market bubble wont pop anytime soon

    The chip shortage is beginning to affect other industries thru the trickle down effect. Even tho the chips don't get used in our process. It may be 3-5 years before everything is back to pre pandemic levels. If we go down, as long as we maintain a hot idle on the furnaces, we can be back up and...
  2. Worried the used car market bubble wont pop anytime soon

    This whole mess is going to come crashing down at some point. Where I work we make steel coils and 75% of our output goes to automotive. About 3 months ago the company started rehabbing old decrepit buildings for coil storage. We keep making steel like there is no tomorrow but it does not ship...
  3. MT-82 High RPM Shifting Issues

    I have a blowfish bracket on mine, and have no issues with a 7K powershift, and I'm still running the factory installed clutch. I would not trust the mechanic who did not show you the box the new clutch came in and the old parts after the job was done.
  4. Mach 1 "Stock" Wheels

    I wouldn't think you could get a set of mach 1 wheels for that cheap, good for you.
  5. Mach 1 "Stock" Wheels

    These are 19x9.5 square and are $850 for a set of 4 These are 19x10's but are 1200 for a set And there are the SP2's...
  6. Mach 1 "Stock" Wheels

    Just pick a set of LMR wheels in a 19x10 square setup, they will be cheaper than a set of OEM take offs. Then get some 275/40 or 285/35 winter tires or all seasons.
  7. 2015 and newer back window replacement

    2017 and it was replaced in Nov-Dec of 19 under warranty.
  8. 2015 and newer back window replacement

    When I had my top replaced they were able to reuse the rear window. It's not easy or cheap, but it can be done. Good luck.
  9. Coyote torque specs

    LMR just posted this list of the torque specs for the hardware on a coyote engine. MODS, feel free to make this a sticky.
  10. Let's discuss windshield wipers

    Also clean your windshield. The road grime buildup will make you think your wipers blades need replacing. Use either Bon-Ami cleanser or bar keepers friend, they are both fine grain cleansers that are safe for glass. And use a blue scotch bright kitchen sponge. The blue is a finer grain than the...
  11. Procal Tuning Question

    Been there, done that. The procal tune is proprietary and the only device/software that can access it is HP tuners. You can use the procal to go back to stock and have a local tuner write you a custom tune for what you want using whatever device you choose, but if you stay with the ford...
  12. Prepping new mustang GT for winter

    I think 18" is the smallest wheel you can fit on the front of a base GT as they have 14" rotors and four piston calipers.
  13. Bullitt Air Filter used in 18+ Ford Calibration

    If its the yellowish paper filter then its not washable, just dispose of it and replace like any other air filter. You can replace it with this, its made by airaid but is washable And this is now available...
  14. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    With all the modern safety equipment and sound deadening, getting a coyote equipped mustang down to 3000-3200 lbs would be a significantly smaller car. So I can see his point.
  15. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    A N/A 580 hp coyote based engine already exists, the A52 XS aluminator.
  16. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    I remember the fox body 7 up cars, dark metallic green convertibles with white interior and white top.
  17. Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    yes, they are still around.
  18. Why doesn't Ford (mustang) offer multiple tunes with separate keys

    The my key also limits radio volume and will block incoming and outgoing texts while the vehicle is moving. The text thing is pointless because if your kids phone is not connected to sync, it does nothing.
  19. Is this a real Bullitt??

    I think whomever stole and stripped it for parts, also took the red painted calipers. Two bolts and snip the brake hose and they're good to go. When they put it back together, they just used standard GT parts because they were cheaper than Bullitt parts.
  20. Is this a real Bullitt??

    I guess it really is a theft recovery then. The new owner should track down the original owner and ask what happened to this car.