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  1. License plate suggestions

  2. GT500 TSB - noise/vibration in reverse, etc (August 2021)

    Thank you so much for posting this. I've had this issue for the past 4000miles where it would shake the car and chatter very loudly. I've also posted about it on the forums as well. Over the weekend we had a track event called taste of motorsports and had a few of the GT500 owners check it out...
  3. Every CFTP Owner's Worst Nightmare

    hahaha that’s so funny dude! You’re the best!
  4. Wheel Finish Comparison

    Those are Sahara, which is what I went with for my car as well. Kind of gave me that gt3rs vibe lol these are VERY bright when clean. Looks like pure gold. When they get dirty they become a more bronzed color. They look a lot better in real life than in pictures. I wanted a solid dark pink...
  5. Every CFTP Owner's Worst Nightmare

    What's the issue? You don't like his wheels because you couldn't powder coat them and now you post how they're not up to your impossible to meet standards? Sorry guess it's only good enough if it's OEM. I normally don't care about shit people post because anyone can post whatever they want...
  6. IT'S ALIVE... SV902 11.5 Squared + Much More!

    Looks like you got a good rim job!
  7. Racing Brake 2020 GT500 Carbon Ceramic Brake Group Buy

    Eh who cares. I’m lactose intolerant but I still eat ice cream. These brakes seem legit, I’m just not big boy rich
  8. Racing Brake 2020 GT500 Carbon Ceramic Brake Group Buy

    I too want these, but there’s some other things I’d rather spend the money on first as the OEM ones are fine. $12k just seems like a lot for some rotors and pads.
  9. 2020 GT500 JLT CAI

    shipping to 97007?
  10. Official colors for 2022 GT500 released! Grabber Blue is back!

    I want to see some pictures of the green, might have to swap cars.
  11. GT500 & Mach-E On Track @ Sonoma Raceway

    It's no surprise the Mach-E out performed the GT500 in everyway! Awesome write up T, can't wait to hear more about the Mach-E from you!
  12. OEM rear seat for sale.

    Wheels have sold!
  13. Diode Dynamics - Front Turn Signals

    It’s okay, Im in portland, everything’s accepted! Everyone’s loved, even the homeless guy shooting up heroin in a stollen car at a red light while a cop hands him a warning ticket
  14. Diode Dynamics - Front Turn Signals

    it’s okay, everyone present has their federally approved mask on at the time!
  15. Diode Dynamics - Front Turn Signals

    Did someone say butcher? It’s a car, do what ya want and if it needs a little bit of a snip snip, then do whatever gets it done.
  16. Recaro seat ticking

    I have one too but it’s only when I don’t have a passenger. Turns out it’s the passenger seat belt bouncing between the seat and the door panel. For some reason the drivers side belt buckle sits higher than the passenger(when not buckled.) see pictures for difference, left is passenger, right...
  17. I guess all I need now is 1 more front tire

    The rears of the 4s only have foam, the fronts do not. That’s why if you buy the tires associated to the Shelby it’s like $20 more than a regular non foamed one. Haven’t noticed much noise difference between the two.
  18. Car making noise while just parked in the garage

    Yeah, that’s one of the noises. The other is the throttle body motor squeal. It’s funny for me when the exhaust does that it toggles the main power for a second, causing my airlift control module to turn on and the lines to purge slightly.
  19. Does anyone have a Modern Spare for their spare tire set up ?

    Just get a spacer machined to similar specs. Although the one posted is 30 spacers bolted together.