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  1. Kansas WTB Stock 20" Wheels

    Have a 2015 GT. Looking to put a set of factory 20's on it. Anyone have a set of take offs. Don't need tires. Thanks!
  2. Whipple users and racing at various altitudes

    I used to race in Pueblo...I'm now down near Wichita. Dustin told me for Pueblo & Denver's altitude (not density altitude) .25-.375 smaller pulley on the mountain compared to what I'd run here in KS. Good luck!
  3. Shortblock advice

    No spark plugs...
  4. Shortblock advice

    Can I get a 7.3 with a Garrett instead?
  5. Shortblock advice

    I've never met anyone who said "850 is enough". Sleeve the damn block. Pay once, cry once. Do it and get it over with.
  6. Shortblock advice

    1) Depends. Levittown Ford has best prices I've found on Ford parts. If you don't want to save money and reuse your factory block. Could also source eBay. 2) It seems the Gen3 block stock is pretty good, with a set of drop-in pistons and rods, you might be OK with stock block and no sleeves. If...
  7. Who has broken cam caps?

    I've read a few places of a few people breaking these. I know MMR makes upgraded billet caps, but I'm curious who has broken their stock ones? I feel like if they were as common to break as say OPG's or timing chains, you'd hear more about it. Having a set of heads ported, wondering if there is...
  8. Wire tuck- wires rubbing

    I've seen this before on the Armageddon kit and left a guy on the side of the road. Why I'd never own one of these kits.
  9. Installing supercharger yourself, whos done it?

    Having installed the Whipple myself and based on what you described, I'd opt for a Procharger, but you shouldn't let the Whipple install scare you. But my guess is the Procharger install will leave the most stock as the Whipple requires you to modify the factory heater hoses so if you wanted to...
  10. Gas line is rubbing SC belt

    Any chance you could post a picture? I'm still struggling to imagine this.
  11. Gas line is rubbing SC belt

    What fuel system do you have on the car? I have 10-rib and my fuel lines go no where near the front of the supercharger or the belt.
  12. turbo piston

    On a street/drag build, nope. On a road course car, maybe, but these aren't the pistons for that.
  13. Forgestar F14 CF5 CF5V CF10 F15 Rotary Forged Wheels | S550 2015 Mustang fitments

    Looks like Bronze Burst instead of Gunmetal and is this super concave? Square?
  14. turbo piston

    I went Diamond Mod 2k's
  15. Exclusive!! First look at the new Whipple 3.8L Gen 5 Whipple kit!!

    If you paid with a CC, get your money back.
  16. 6R80 Converter Install

    FWIW, I have American Racing headers and didn't remove them. Just had to drop the off-road pipes to get the transmission out.
  17. Jhatley7's Build thread

    Trade ya a 15 with a Whipple. Hahahahaha.
  18. Misfire 5,6,7 & CPS Bank2 after OPG/CG

    It's been a while, but the instructions say something like taking it one turn, then take it to 6 o'clock or something. I only took it to 6 o'clock. There's a flat spot on the cams, I rolled the engine back over, then re-timed it. I wish I could be more help, but it's been almost 3 years.