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  1. International Mustang Meet 2021 Boise

    Went to the IMM42 today in Boise w/ a friend who has a '19 GT350. Lots of great Mustangs from all eras! Here's some pics, starting with the S550s and then some early models: Original 289 ci Cobra:And wayyyy back in the far away corner (actually I was parked in a separate parking lot nearby), a...
  2. Mustang GT vs ... (Post whatever you've raced and how it went)

    I agree they are underrated when compared to the SAE standard based on the trap speeds and dynos I've seen as well. I haven't confirmed this, but I suspect that both Porsche and BMW rate their hp at terrible conditions, i.e., 100F @ 6000' above sea level, so the density altitude is absurdly...
  3. 2021 WRX

    WRX STI is 305 hp and is good for 0-60 in like 5.0 sec, with a very high rpm clutch dump. Most bros on the street won't do that if you race them from a dig, so I think they would only hang momentarily, before a GT runs away. From a roll, GT vs stock STI not even close.
  4. Owner’s Thoughts After First 500 Miles in New GT500 – Realization of Long Time Dream Car

    Nice write-up. I also sat in a base GT500 last year when I had my 2018 GT Premium and was underwhelmed; my GT Premium's interior felt nicer to me. And my car wasn't even the 401A package. I think that dealer (whom I bought my GT from in 2018) wanted $25k+MSRP. Ridiculous. They lost a potential...
  5. Every CFTP Owner's Worst Nightmare

    Now this is a more reasonable post. I think it makes sense.
  6. Every CFTP Owner's Worst Nightmare

    Uh, he found the guy a set of used Signature wheels and drove 2 hrs to go and check them out himself. Not the same as him coming on here and saying he sold the guy some new Signature wheels after his CF damage misfortune. Plus - he can't repair them at the Tail of the Dragon - he needed a set of...
  7. Nissan's "new" Z/Z400

    Ha; I never knew nor cared enough I guess to know it has a 3rd passenger door. Either way, it’s still a hatchback. I’ll amend my post to say “3” door hatchback.
  8. Nissan's "new" Z/Z400

    Veloster = 3 door hatchback. RX8 (my wife owned one - pretty fun but under-powered) - I'd call it a coupe since its back doors are tiny and there's no b-pillar. You can only open them if the front doors are open. Not like a traditional 4-door car.
  9. Nissan's "new" Z/Z400

    Yes it does. The German car companies are calling everything with a swoopy back end a coupe regardless of # of doors. But in reality they are fastbacks, not coupes. A coupe by definition has two doors.
  10. Nissan's "new" Z/Z400

    I'll have to see one in person, but I'm pretty sure I like the new Z better than the Supra. The Supra looks better in person than it does in pics, but I'm sure the Z will, too. The Z is a cleaner design and doesn't have fake vents all around like the Supra. The engines are probably similarly...
  11. Is this a real Bullitt??

    Possibly - to make it look like a Bullitt, then give it a fake VIN to sell it for more $ than a base GT. Your question could be asked the other way as well - i.e.: You think someone thought they'd replace the front Bullitt Brembos with regular GT brakes and the digital dash with analog gauges...
  12. Is this a real Bullitt??

    Stop saying this. Some people think it started as a Bullitt, I'm not convinced. I also think it's highly unlikely that a thief steals the digital dash and front Brembo brakes from a Bullitt. Why would the owner replace the front Brembos with regular GT brakes? There's more wrong with this than...
  13. Mach 1 vs Camaro SS 1LE

    The reviewers’ subjective opinion mean something to me considering the ones I follow have a lot more driving experience than me. I like to hear Thomas on Throttle House talk about dampers’ compression and rebound damping, steering feel, and general handling characteristics and controlability. I...
  14. Mach 1 vs Camaro SS 1LE

    It wasn't an equal comparison, it was one of those race what you bring kind of videos. You may have missed the part where he said the Camaro had 40k miles, and the brakes were not performing well (at least up to normal 1LE standards), and he couldn't put the power down without oversteer in the...
  15. Mach 1 vs Camaro SS 1LE

    The wheel gaps are larger on the PP2 Mustang because it has small diameter 305/30/R19 tires. They are small diameter compared to the 285/30/20 and 305/30/20 tires on the Camaro SS 1LE. The small dia. tire lowers the center of gravity slightly compared to a PP1, for example.
  16. Hypothetical Redeye vs Boosted 2018 GT

    One thing to keep in mind is, all else equal (i.e., same drag, trans., etc.), a 400 hp, 4000 lbs car will be quicker at higher speeds than a 300 hp, 3000 lbs car despite the same lbs/hp ratio, since weight becomes less important as speed increases as aero drag becomes the dominant force. The...
  17. The perfect car storage and man cave...Anyone want to buy a former NSA black site?

    Closets. Windows to the outside that meet a certain size threshold. Electrical outlets with code required spacing. To name a few.
  18. 2019 Mustang Gt A10 60-130mph

    "DA still up there". HA. I love when DA here drops below 3000'. Right now, even in the morning, it's 4674'. It will be 6500' by the end of the day. Sigh. I live at 2700'. That said, you were actually faster 60-110 in the original run, and your 60-70 run were within 1 hundredth of a second, so...
  19. 2019 Mustang Gt A10 60-130mph

    A stock A10 GT is ~11 seconds 60-130. So, at 2575' DA and 10.4 sec, I think you're about right with the E85 tune and intake. I'm guessing most of the tire spin occurred below 60 mph, right? If so, spinning below 60 mph wouldn't affect your 60-130 mph time.
  20. Next mod for E85 Tuned 2018 A10.

    I was on the stock tune with the K&N intake, ported TB and IM, and Borla S type. Ran fine since the TB is the same diameter as stock.