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  1. Best H-pipe for 3rd gen Coyote GT

    When installing the Steeda H-Pipe on my 2019 Auto with Active Exhaust - it was an awesome upgrade. In Track Mode - it's incredible! I am sure you have done your research but we have some great videos & clips here: Let me know if I can help...
  2. Reducing Wheel Hop & Putting Power Down In Your S550 Mustang GT350 | Review & Install

    You can give Chris C a call or I can put you in contact with him - he has a full Steeda package on his GT350 let me know! TJ
  3. Best Moments Of Mustang Week 2021

    We had an unbelievable time at Mustang Week - launching new products, talking with enthusiasts & more. Check out our highlights from the event: Enjoy! TJ
  4. Motorcycle Racing guy... buys a Mustang GT PP1. Local Shops.

    Hello Brian - happy to help & we have tuning capabilities at our facility too. When you go through Steeda, you get the peace of mind that is done correctly & we warranty our work - so you won't have any regrets! @ Luis, thank you for the feedback - we truly appreciate it. Send me an email...
  5. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    Some more information on the wheels via Ford Muscle - Chris has been very involved with the process & is monitoring the feedback - he is at Mustang Week but will pop in to address any questions or...
  6. Drag springs

    We have enjoyed them on our drag car Scott drives with them on the Silver Bullet - I can put you in contact with our development team if you want to talk through specific questions - you can send to [email protected]
  7. Steeda's Latest Project - Mach 1

    I will ask Chris to provide some feedback. Best Regards, TJ
  8. Steeda's Latest Project - Mach 1

    Joe Day - our National Sales Rep ha transportation options;) we did some some work on the West Coast -I can ask Joe if that outfit it still working with us. TJ
  9. Steeda's Latest Project - Mach 1

    What more do you want - it has cosmetic upgrades, new wheels, etc. Not every car can replicate the ones we have done in the past -
  10. Steeda's Latest Project - Mach 1

    Tomorrow is the big release - stay tuned! Have a great night. TJ
  11. Steeda's Latest Project - Mach 1

    Hello All: As promised, here is our everything Mach 1 page: With some nice content on the track:
  12. First mods to your Mach 1

    We just finished up some testing ... thought I would share it with the group!
  13. Anyone lowered their Mach 1 yet ?

    I don't see them on the build sheet for the Steeda Mach 1 ... nor do I see it mentioned in our video, or the build page here:
  14. Forum promo code Steeda?

    The Steeda Labor Sale is currently taking place:
  15. Steeda Labor Day Sale - Now Active!

    Hello All: Now is a great time to take advantage of bulk savings - the more you buy, the great the discount at
  16. Anyone lowered their Mach 1 yet ?

    We should have some testing videos released soon - will be able to show the handling springs in action - when they are released, i'll post the info! TJ
  17. floor mats you like.

    I have enjoyed my Husky Floor liners for 2+ years - no complaints catches all the debris.
  18. Team Steeda Hits The Dragstrip & Autocross | News

    Hello All: Check out the latest from Steeda's Race Weekend: Some good stuff! TJ
  19. Clutch Engagement Force

    This video will give you a good idea of what the clutch assist spring will do:
  20. Lowered my convertible

    Love it - looks outstanding! TJ