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  1. Vertical links grease

    im afraid not, is the silicon based stuff better? or should it be lithium based? this would be a lithium based complex i could get:
  2. Vertical links grease

    Hello, i purchased the tca048 vertical links from BMR and wanted to grease them, since i live in germany its rather difficult to get the stuff you guys have acces to, any idea wich grease i could use for the links that are available in germany or europe? thanks to everyone for the help
  3. BMR 762, BMR TCA048

    so i ordered the bk051, do i still need the rh017? i will try to install the kit myself and wanted to know if the bolts in the rh017 are a direct replacement to the bolts in the bk051? thanks for the help
  4. BMR 762, BMR TCA048

    wow, that looks terrible. I wasnt aware of this issue, looks like ford went the cheap route there!
  5. BMR 762, BMR TCA048

    thanks, i wasnt aware of that this was needed, i have to look into it. why is is so important, if you dont mind the question
  6. BMR 762, BMR TCA048

    okay thanks :thumbsup:
  7. BMR 762, BMR TCA048

    Hello friends, currently my Mustang GT has the following items installed: CB005 Eibach pro street S coil & springs i still get the occasional wheel hop when accelerating out of a corner or launching a little bit harder. Currently i am contemplating on buying some suspension upgrades, either...
  8. Outside of North America GT upper grille

    Im looking for a 2015-2017 upper GT grille, preferably opened up but with an intact honeycomb mesh for thr use with velossas big mouth. Im located in Hamburg, Germany, so shipping would be necessary.
  9. Has anyone seen Borla's "new" resonator delete?

    To my ears this new pipe sounds simply terrible, way too raspy and hollow, especially compared to the stock exhaust.
  10. Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    So you are saying that because of potential high gas prices the big block is the way to go?
  11. Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    Whats up with all the youtube clips?
  12. California Mishimoto Induction Hose (Red) + AFE Dry Air Filter

    If youd be willing to send it to Germany id take them
  13. Sway bars

    I found varying part numbers regarding the gt350 bars, wich ones did you use if i might ask?
  14. Sway bars

    Thanks for the insightful replies, ill confemplate a little bit on them. I couldnt find that much information on sway bars and the mustang in generall, at the very least compared to other mods, so this is very helpfull:thumbsup:
  15. Sway bars

    Hello everyone, i wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding sway bars. I currently have modified my 2015 GT (non pp) with an eibach pro street coilover Setup and the awesome CB005. I plan on getting a little bit better cornering ability/stability and therefore looked at the sway bars from...
  16. Why the heck did you buy a V6 S550?

    A buddy of mine owns a v6 s550, i think its an awesome engine with its own unique benefits, most asuredly nothing to look down upon.
  17. Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    Becu Because the german TÜV wouldnt approve of that i suppose
  18. Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    This has devolved into a very strange thread indeed. Personally i can relate to the wish of wanting a 7.3 liter V8 in a Mustang, i most certainly would love to hear the sound of that engine. I havent got a clue as to wether this would make sense or not, but i understand the wishfull thinking of...
  19. 20" foundry wheels torque for the lug nuts

    Good to know, whats recommendable if you dont mind me asking?
  20. 20" foundry wheels torque for the lug nuts

    Hello friends, a couple of months ago my 2015 mustang got a new suspension setup by eibach, ever since then the brakes started to squeal during initial driving, just the first couple of stops, i dont have the PP brakes, just the regular ones from the premium GT. I buddy of mine at work...