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  1. Another Ford Quality Example

    That is beyond sad. Farley, are you listening?
  2. Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    T, is that car running a 345 out back?
  3. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    Just pointing out that it really isn't that complicated to get the ball rolling and come up with a digital file that can then be manipulated into whatever you'd like...
  4. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    Anybody have a portable scanner and a CFTP car to play with?
  5. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    I don't have the data to back up any claim as to a specific increase of negative lift at a given speed due to relocating the airfoil higher up in the airstream. I can only say the factory steel decklid handles it with ease. Multimatics hardware is used on a lightweight GT4 CF decklid that does...
  6. Shelby American SE Suspension

    Jaime, do the threaded collars have a set screw to "lock-in" the perches once you have the ride height where you want it?
  7. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    ? I've mentioned numerous times how the manufacturer won't sell them to the public and that you might get lucky by contacting a team that runs a GT4 Mustang in a given series. I stated that you are gonna need a 5-axis to do the base (of the upright) if a GT4 style mount is what you seek. Short...
  8. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    You could also make upright bracket extenders, tastefully, like what I see available for Porsches, etc. Not what I want but may work for somebody else.
  9. Lethal Performance 2020 Shelby GT500 Stainless Steel Resonator Delete

    I had drip every now and then, not uncommon. The factory sytstem, untouched, does it too. I welded mine up and drips no more.
  10. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    I could see that for the CFTP base but not the GT4 base, in the context of "any machine shop." I thought the GT4 base had to be cast until I looked close and realized it was fully machined. The squared off CFTP base would be far easier to replicate.
  11. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    Well, I suppose my non-blowing, hairy assed self has to respond. Forget about getting them from the source that manufactures them. Long story short, that opportunity was killed by an overzealous vendor that started advertising he had complete wing assemblies (from Multimatic) in stock when he...
  12. Shelby GT500 : The Everyday Racecar

    Jeez, I could watch her drive your car all day long. Well edited and captured T!
  13. Lethal Performance 2020 Shelby GT500 Stainless Steel Resonator Delete

    Hard to tell but how much of a gap would you say is between the top of the tips and the fascia above it? Inch and a quarter?
  14. Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    I'm probably old enough to be her grandfather and too beat up to bounce her off my knee. Image captures are about all I have left in the arsenal.
  15. Explosive Acceleration?

    In case you never knew about this...
  16. Prices are on the rise......

    I think Leno is tapping my phone...
  17. Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    It pains me to see both a car and a woman that looks that good, together, and not be there with my camera gear...
  18. Ford Racing Sway Bar (rear) weird fitment

    S550 GT500 sway bars. Base GT500 top, CFTP GT500 bottom. CFTP bar with dampers at full droop.
  19. Another 2020 engine failure

    Do you have a phone with a camera function on it?