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  1. 15+ Shelby GT350 Radiator Worth Changing/Upgrading to Aftermarket? Mishimoto, Cold Case ....?
  2. R Owners - 325s on the rear

    @passwords Great pick. I didn't know that Camaro had a 12" wheel on the back. My plan was to run the SC3(non R) as my next tire. But like soooo many others, we go 325 since no one makes a 315 in anything. I like more of a stretched side wall and was the main reason I went with the 325 Conti...
  3. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Hheeyyyy! That's me in the top right corner!
  4. Radiator Swap?

    Is coolant ruulllyy that much if a concern? I mean, we’re not talking oil here. Any top shelf coolant is gonna be more than sufficient, no? Especially if they say they meet X spec.
  5. FL 2069 ST (koozie)

    This is the right filter, correct ;-) Greatest beer koozie ever. And being 2069 ST most certainly makes it appropriate for this forum!
  6. APR GTC200….

    When you do any searching on the site, it only comes up with the 200 being available for our car. And yes, seeing it in person, the quality is top shelf. Hands down. And it looks amazing in person also.
  7. APR GTC200….

    What do you guys think? It looks pretty gosh darn good in person. Really growing on me. To give credit, took the pic at mustang week. Thoughts on their quality and anything else….
  8. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Me and my son did the Dragon (yesterday), as well as six hours of other great roads. Some bad ass cars out. I gotta look and see if there’s something wrong with my car though…this thing puts 421 (Gen I)to the wheels and has the suspension to go with it…I cannot take him to Gap City. It’s...
  9. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    ceramic coatings are amazing. They don’t necessarily look any better than your favorite wax, but the selling point is cleaning. Stuff rinses right off. Makes washing a breeze. That’s where you truly get your bang for your buck. Having said that—and to curb your expectations—ceramic coating do...
  10. Which Lightweight Battery Is Best?

    There's a thread/post/info around in one of these AG threads where someone trimmed some stuff out of the bottom of the factory battery box piece to make the 30 sit lower and fit under the stock lid. Seemed pretty neat.
  11. Hotel w/Garage in Knoxville!

    My man!
  12. Hotel w/Garage in Knoxville!

    Anyone know a good/nice/neat hotel (or actually any hotel, LOL) in the Knoxville area with a parking garage?
  13. BMR Road race K member installed

    Interesting. That is cool they designed it to reuse the stock mounts if desired. So the front doesn't feel more rigid, solid, lighter, or anything? Better feedback? We put the BMR in my sons S197 and also used their engine mounts. It made a huge difference in the feedback overall. The...
  14. BMR Road race K member installed

    Same here. Engine mounts??? Torn between this or the Steeda. Probably splitting hairs between the two.
  15. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    @dps You literally should have told them no synthetic, conventional is fine, just for the show.
  16. Radiator Swap?

    @stanglife Jeff...yeah man, I don't think that's the case any longer. This radiator inside and out is gorgeous. you can tell. I get what you're saying though; heck, I was shocked with this thread to hear the people bagging on Fluidyne. When we started down this path for the car, Fluidyne was...
  17. Radiator Swap?

    Aahhhhh….I didn’t say it was no longer tasteful, I said I was upgrading the status. It’s still both! Hahahahha.
  18. Radiator Swap?

    So, here's what a good radiator does for you! Just sharing a good story you guys will appreciate while we're on the topic. @Tomster ...I am upgrading this mod from tasteful to full on functional. Caveat; I acknowledge the results or "need" for our cars may be different, but still impressive...
  19. Anybody do their own alignments?

    LOL…you beat me to it. I love the term “professionals”. To blanket imply someone knows what they’re doing and could be better than me on any given day because they do it for a living is ludicrous.
  20. Replacement Pads/Rotors. Couple of options

    Soooo, just so you understand, and help you out with some expectation management (no offense, but your thread reads like you don't know this)...but the "R" brakes are not an upgrade. They are only red. Period. There is zero difference between R and non-R brakes; rotors, lines, calipers, pads...