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  1. Should i twin turbo a GT mustang or buy a GT350

    I meant modern OEM reliability standards.
  2. Should i twin turbo a GT mustang or buy a GT350

    I am betting it is packaging and reliability. Have a big V8? Superchargers package better, and the potential power advantage of turbos doesn't matter much. I don't think anyone has put in the work to get centrifical superchargers to meet OEM reliability standards. For example, having...
  3. Corner Balancing----worth the effort?

    Why buy high dollar (or even low dollar) coilovers and not set them up properly? Corner weighting the car is step one with coilovers.
  4. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    See all the reliability complaints about the 8250 rpm GT350. Getting another 1000 rpm would probably double the price of the engine, and a lot of people would complain it didn't have enough torque. Slap some BOSS decals on a Mach 1 and you basically have a BOSS (higher winding 5.0, check...
  5. Quietest axel-back exhaust

    Being loud a few times a year is a lot different than being loud everyday. Pretty sure the agreement allows x number of loud days per year that gets reserved for important events. Everybody else has to play under the limit.
  6. 20” square setup for dual duty

    How much do these wheels weight? Given these prices, I would just get stronger and lighter SVE wheels. 20x10.5 +30 would be pretty pokey on the rear, combine that with taller tires and you are in danger of rubbing or worse. Why go to 20's? It might help if all your tires (& wheels) where the...
  7. Pedders eXtreme XA Coilover Plus Kit

    If you are too lazy to adjust them, I would reconsider whether you really want coilovers.
  8. Should i twin turbo a GT mustang or buy a GT350

    Not on a road course. Which is why figuring out your desired use matters. Plus Car & Driver did a test of a dealer that was selling Mustangs plus aftermarket super charger kits. And despite a claimed 700hp, they were only slightly faster than a standard GT and slower than a GT350. Couple of...
  9. Should i twin turbo a GT mustang or buy a GT350

    Why did you want a V6 Mustang? Why do you want a Twin Turbo Mustang? Why do you want a GT350? It's kinda like a kid saying I want a dog, or a cat, or a gerbil. Wildly different things that are good for completely different things. Good luck playing fetch with your pet, when it is a cat or a...
  10. Anyone here running 285/295's in the front?

    +35 doesn't require a spacer but can be a bit borderline pokey in the rear depending on camber. I use +40 wheels with a 5mm spacer up front (gives you effectively +35). You only need the spacer up front with wider than average 285s.
  11. Best Clutch for HPDE and Open track days?

    Why do you need anything more than stock? Rolling starts mean the clutch isn't that stressed or important.
  12. First autocross with the 2020 base GT (6spd, 4.09 ratio, Ford Track suspension)

    "Any tricks to making these cars better for this application?" Read the rules before modding the car. Look at national results before picking a class. You want to pick a class where the car is competitive. Mustang GT class options: FS - pretty competitive STU - not competitive ESP - so so (M3...
  13. How to remove pickup from track tires?

    Yes I had a Lotus 7 clone at one point with pure slicks. And raced a few places without a fully paved paddock. After driving back to my parking spot, the tires would pick up so many rocks and pebbles you could hardly see the rubber "tread". Even paved paddocks and access roads often are...
  14. What Ford where’s clear GT350 brakes

    Don't they have a Tech line? I don't know what they sell. I doubt the PP wheels would clear the bigger brakes. Obviously GT350 (& R) wheels will. PP2 maybe? Aftermarket wheels will be lighter and probably cheaper (which is why I don't worry/know about FP wheels). Just look for GT350...
  15. Ok to rotate same-size tires on staggered wheels?

    The tire guy wants to sell you new tires. not help you stretch the life of the tires you have. Rotating tires to different wheels is fine as long as the sizes are compatible like they are here. The old Goodyear spec tires for the SRF were a single size, with a 5.5" F / 7" R wheel stagger...
  16. Handling

    An interesting comparison may be to the Ford Racing School Cars. PP Track Pack Square wheel & tires (rear 9.5" PP wheels all around [needs a front spacer]) Camber plates and I think more track oriented pads No "stop the hop" rear diff stuff, which if you ever autocross or time trial, will bump...
  17. How to remove pickup from track tires?

    A curry comb works for cleaning the tires. In particular, when you have rocks and pebbles imbedded in the rubber (very common with soft slicks). For just rubber pickup, I usually don't worry about it. Just do a little scrubbing on the warm up lap.
  18. Is Magneride worth it to get the best of both worlds for a track car/daily driver?

    Trying to convert an existing car is cost prohibitive for Magneride. In choosing a car, step 1 what is your planned usage, step 2 what do the rules says if you plan to use it in competition, step 3 what is the real cost of the options/mods. A lot of times Magneride is often only available...
  19. Diff overheating on track

    Well, this certainly reduces my desire for a Mach 1 significantly.
  20. 1,000+ HP GT500 Races vs. Tesla Plaid Model S

    But the GT500 can refuel and be ready to go again in 5 minutes. While the Telsa will be ready to go again in 8 hours. Plus the GT500 will be much faster on a road course. The last road course test I saw of a Tesla (at VIR Grand), the car the car overheated and started pulling power halfway...