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  1. Texas WTT: 3.73 Torsen for 3.55 Torsen

    Bumping my RPM limit with a tuned fixed my critical need. I'd still like to find a swap opportunity, but I can wait. I waited a long time and eventually found someone to swap base leather seats with recaros, so miracles can happen
  2. Had enough of aftermarket CAI & HIGH IAT's. So here's my fix.

    Any word on this PMAS closed box thing? I'm looking to replace this Steeda ProFlow closed box. Need a high flowing box with a consistent MAF signal and low IATs. I've got hood vents right over the box too, so also trying to keep turbulence and water issues at bay from the hood vents. Might...
  3. Best tune for 2018 manifold swap keeping IMRCs on a 2016 GT

    I did a VMP tune and kept the IMRCs they haven't been a problem at all. You may still loose a little torque from the intake anyway, but the top end is strong like bull.
  4. Offset help: 19x9.5 and 19x10.5

    Ya its not a bad fit. Kind of conservative in width tho (only 9.5”) and not too aggressive in offset. Too bad they don’t have a 10”
  5. Offset help: 19x9.5 and 19x10.5

    Yes. 10.5 ET45 is nearly perrfect on the rear. An ideal fit IMHO. Ita about 4mm less poke than a 10” ET35 pictured above. The 9.5 ET35 front would be fine too but I think 10” ET35 is perfect on the front so whatever. Thats only a 1/4” less poke on the outside edge.than the fit above so not...
  6. I need help

    A good quality summer 285 tire on a nice 10” wheel is plenty of tire for almost all purposes. I’ve never really telt they look thin. Sure 305 look meatier from the back but the grip linear doesn’t really improve much at all going from a 285 to a 305 IMHO. Thats my 2c from road and track use...
  7. Completely Turning Off Traction Control?

    If its turned off, the TC OFF dash light will be on. If thats dark, it wasnt off in the first place or the car got restarted. its kind of easy to forget or to not hold the button quite long enough to turn off both Advancetrac and traction control both. When you diable them correctly you...
  8. Completely Turning Off Traction Control?

    Do you get a dash message? Why do you think its turned on above 35? I'm honestly curious.
  9. Completely Turning Off Traction Control?

    That's not accurate on my 16 GT, hold it for 6 sec and its off until the car restarts. I've got hours on track and just spent a week competing in SCCA nationals at speeds from 35-70. Trust me it wasn't on above 35, I can tell. One of my runs I forgot to turn it off and it was very...
  10. Completely Turning Off Traction Control?

    Usually this stuff lives in your manual. How to turn off Traction Control and AdvanceTrac on the GTs is in the manual, and its pretty easy. No need to pull the dyno plug.
  11. New Wheels and Tires 2015 GT

    Apex SM-10 or EC7 wheels for sure. More $$ than LMR SVE brand but great parts. I really like my N4SM Project6gr 7 spoke wheels but the wait times and customer service seem not always awesome.
  12. Widest Tire on Mach 1 Non HP wheel

    Can do doesn't mean you should do... 275/285 would be the best fit. You can go wider, but the tire will be pinched and you won't get your money's worth for it.
  13. New Wheels and Tires 2015 GT

    The MP4S is outstanding for most reasonable uses on the street including bombing the twisties. Yes there are faster dry weather tires, but not really any which are as well rounded for all the things. I'm on my 3rd set. No personal experience with the Conti Sport, but people equate it with the...
  14. E85 MPG?

    13-14mpg on the highway with a giant air-brake nascar-style spoiler sticking up off the rear decklid. 3.73 gears and 6MT
  15. New Wheels and Tires 2015 GT

    Which Michelins/Continentals?
  16. Corner Balancing----worth the effort?

    I didn't even like the drive better with toe out.
  17. New Wheels and Tires 2015 GT

    yeah those first LMR wheels linked above have an SP2 style nearly identical to what you’ve selected (i.e. PP2 package knockoffs). The LMR ones are good quality, spun forged (i.e. forged barrels with cast face) which will be light and strong and they’re like $600 less for a set. as for those...
  18. Lug Nuts vs Lug Wrench

    Yeah a 21mm should fit, if you need a 22 they’re distorting, which can happen when people use impact tools on them, the stock lugs will last a while (but not forever) if you hand torque, but impact tools can trash them pretty quickly.
  19. Can anyone help me out?

    Sportlines are pretty low and the stock shocks are barely up to the task of controlling the stock springs. Hope they trimmed the bump stops when the springs went in too. as for bolts loosening, if you torque to the specs in the service manual (which are normal torque for those size bolts) they...
  20. This is a story of a shop that did not have the right tool. Car squeals when turning left now.

    I think tapping on the seat or the cone end should work. You’re just sending a shock through there, shocking either part should do it. I’ve only done the lower control arm, and my mechanic was scoffing at me twacking with a few times with a BFH, but popped it out pretty quickly. Another...