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  1. Home maintenance vs dealership

    I have accumulated so many Ford pass points over the years that for the past 2ish years I haven’t paid for any oil changes on our cars. I have the dealer do work and yes at times they do mess it up. The only plus to that is if they mess it up they fix there mistake. I always do a full walk...
  2. Almost Sold It

    I wonder what that "actually" covers. I have seen extremely long warranties advertised such as this, then in the fine print it talks about how at 100K engine rebuild recommended if not complete then powertrain void. Obviously I'm just pulling a mileage out of the air but you get the point.
  3. Traction control light 🤔

    Are you by chance in track mode?
  4. Non Active Exhaust on a pony that has active exhaust

    All it would be is an active exhaust fault, wouldn’t effect anything with the car. A message would pop up and that’s it I believe. You could have the option of leaving the actuator on the car and securing it in some way. That way the car believes it’s still there.
  5. Any tuning shops in Michigan?

    I lived in that area and had heard a bunch of good things about lidio. gave him a call and he wanted to rip off my borla’s and put on a set of flowmasters then tune. Told him I want to keep my borlas and he didn’t want to do that. I do not recall the exact amounts he was charging but it was...
  6. best exhaust for GT????

    I bought the two as separate pieces. (Axle back and then h pipe) Saves a ton of money doing it that way too.
  7. Powder coat chrome? Ingnore - pls drive thru...

    They will sand blast your wheels taking all the chrome finish off, and then powder coat. So yes should be fairly easy for any powder coater.
  8. Quietest GT Exhaust + Power Train Mount Swap

    You could buy a set of stock active axle backs and wire them shut to quiet. sell you mine cheap they are just taking up space. Lol
  9. Is this a real Bullitt??

    You know what grinds my gears is that this car (which is obviously completely jacked) has a clean title. And my car that I bought with 3 miles on it has a claim for damage because the dealer replaced a cracked windshield due to a landscaper hitting it with a rock.
  10. Almost Sold It

    My 2012 had a fp short throw and it felt super tight. honestly haven’t even thought of doing a thing to the shifter in the Bullitt. It feels great to me.
  11. Is this a real Bullitt??

    I was thinking this as well, I noticed air vents missing/random other trim pieces. even though car fax shows clean it’s still a possibility. I have a buddy ( whom I hate for this and openly tell him)he fixes wrecked bikes from loaners, does full frame off parts replacement and they come out...
  12. Is this a real Bullitt??

    Even the seats are wrong. They don’t have the ribs. So whoever it was put base Gt wheels tires, different leather seats, analog dash ,regular shifter, regular exhaust, I’m not sure if those are the brembos up front or they are base brakes. To each there own, but I just don’t get it. even all...
  13. Is this a real Bullitt?? Was just looking around on autotrader and this popped up… in some ways it looks like he could have swapped out things… but why take out the digital dash and replace the exhaust with the regular Gt exhaust? I can’t...
  14. Ordered a SoCal Garage steering wheel

    Looks great! I always use a sunshade when it’s not in the garage. Hopefully that will help with heat. Is that a SoCal wheel? If yes how do you like it any issues??
  15. It's HERE! 🎉 Elite Series Sequential Foglight for 2018+ Ford Mustang | Diode Dynamics

    Finally! I have been waiting on something similar to the switchbacks I had in my 16! this is my next purchase for sure, thanks for finally getting this out!
  16. Road Trip Advice

    I did a 1600ish mile trip over 3 days about a month ago and was averaging well over 400 miles per tank. At times i really wish i had the tank of my truck which was averaging around 650-700 a tank. (granted much larger tank) but would have been much easier to plan fuel stops when you had...
  17. Ordered a SoCal Garage steering wheel

    I opted to keep my heated steering wheel function so was 750 after that otherwise it would have been around 600. I do not have a sample of my exact spec but another member on here got one from them and there site has a bunch of samples...
  18. Ordered a SoCal Garage steering wheel

    Just placed my order for one of these. I read a bunch of reviews on them and the only complaint was at times he went past his delivery date by a few weeks. they are having a 10% off sale right now too so that helped. i went with carbon top and bottom with perforated leather sides. green...
  19. Best Corvette Ever?

    Yes the c6 zo6 is an absolute beast! A buddy had one that had heads/cam/intake done. Hardest pulling n/a car I have ever been in!