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  1. More Stripes for sale.....

    To each their own.
  2. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    My town had Wawa #4, its a Dunkin now. I'm just down the road from HQ so they are every place here.
  3. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Once they started to also be a gas station they went down hill. Not as good of a deli, breads not a s good... sadly its still better than many other places, but knowing how good they USED to be, its kinda sad. They are also on almost EVRY corner to the point that people are pushing back against...
  4. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Well it worked fine this AM to get me to Wawa, so guess im good to go.
  5. Bullitt with Polished Copper Wheels

    I'd change Caliper colors the red reflections gives them to much Orange IMO, otherwise, look'n on point!
  6. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Wouldn't it still fail if the Voice Nav package is missing? How can it tell me where, calculate the time, traffic and best route to go if it doesn't have Voice Nav?
  7. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Got in my car, told the lovely Ford Voice to take me home and it responded and did just fine.
  8. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    I'll test it when I get back to my car, but all the version numbers are right.
  9. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Nope. Did Maps on the way into work this morning. I think my USB stick is like a USB 2.0 or VERY early 3.0 its YEARS old, kinda amazed it still works.
  10. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Weird. Took about 20-30min for me on my drive to work. Everyone's hardware should be the same(CPU/RAM/Disk Speed wise). I wonder why some peoples installs take MUCH longer than others.
  11. Best badass mustang

    Classic: '69 Mach1 Semi-Modern: Toss up between Terminator and 12-13 BOSS 302. Both set new bars. Current: kind of obviously the GT350 R or GT500, depending on if you prefer to use a precision instrument or a hammer. Personally, I'd say GT350R Out of all of them I'd love a '69 in my garage, but...
  12. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    Same. I think it would be good for the BOSS to stay ended as the PEAK of solid axle Mustang performance.
  13. September 11

    It would likely be in Off Topic as its not Mustang/S550 related, and would likely create some kind of political debate.
  14. Need two Bullitt rear wheels

    I'd have to look it was a while ago, it was about $300 shipped for each wheel if I remember.
  15. Need two Bullitt rear wheels

    Keep an eye out, some reconditioned have a black barrel on the inside. Doesnt matter, unless you want a 100% OEM look, the OEM look isnt painted inside.
  16. Need two Bullitt rear wheels

    i got 2 reconditioned ones from ebay. look perfect.
  17. What will the first S650 Special Edition be?

    When was the BOSS ever a vette fighter?
  18. Express service inspection

    I always use their express service. I have them do my inspection, emissions, oil change and check/do alignment and I'm RARELY there more an 60-90min for them to do all 4.
  19. Care for decklid panel and taillights

    My decklids wrapped in XPEL just to prevent this.