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  1. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    I mean that is an impressive amount of dedication to driving the car you want and an example I fully intend on emulating. I thought about removing the trunk lid and bolting a car seat into the trunk pan of my miata but apparently society frowns on this
  2. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    Second one is showing up in April so you and I will be close together on that regard. It's a life changing event- you will be zombified, and (not to be a downer) don't be hard on yourself if for the first months you are not enthralled with being a parent/your kid. It's a very rough learning...
  3. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    It's like you entirely skipped over my financial analysis in the OP
  4. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    My parents love their Q5/A3. To me Audi wouldn’t be one of my top choices- but again, it’s all about your personal preferences. They are certainly not buying them to flaunt wealth. Personally I define quality as more than performance and comfort (cough maintenance cough) which is why I defer...
  5. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    The C8 is indeed an amazing car from all that I've heard, but it's also a two seater coupe, and I need the +2 functionality since I will be occasionally transporting my toddler (and apparently, in a few months, newborn!) around. The, "The Mach 1 is a joke compared to the GT 350" comment is not...
  6. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    Did you guys order from Granger or elsewhere? I saw your build date and I'm wondering how many of use are gonna show up in December hah
  7. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    Thanks! Not having been able to test drive the Mach has been a source of real frustration. Fortunately I think there is a dealer near me with one in so now I can try and beg for a test drive, though I wouldn't be at all surprised if they decline. I hate to agree with shogun, but he's right- if...
  8. Looking for a kind soul to let me ride/test drive their Mach in Oklahoma

    See the title.... I have a car on order, pretty much based on faith from reading every review I can scrounge. I have not been able to go for a test drive, really due to how just awful the market is currently, and I would greatly appreciate if someone would let me experience the driving dynamics...
  9. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    not to mention the out of warranty cost of replacing a vodoo versus the coyote. Imagine holding on to the car for 20 years and trying to find replacement 5.2 parts….
  10. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    I keep saying, though I know it's not something people, especially GT350 owners want to hear, that prices are eventually going to come back down. That goes doubly for cars that are actually driven (to clarify, I strongly support driving the cars you own). Anyway, all that means is if you aren't...
  11. Mustang vs. S5?

    The S5 is also like $20k+ more than the GT? If you're comparing the S5 to a GT as a proxy for a M1, that's kinda of silly, don't you think? Otherwise why would people be dropping the extra $20k for the M1 over the base GT? I'll leave this here for you Long story short though, if you want...
  12. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Welp, I received my expected bump email today. To summarize my order thus far: Grabber yellow, tremec, 700a, magnesium wheels. Ordered through Granger (great experience) Order placed & confirmed: 7/20/2021, priority code 19 First build date (received 7/29): 11/8 Build date update (received...
  13. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Are you sure? Because my understanding is that Mach orders were not allocation based (hence why dealers can't order the cars without a customer order. Would be nice if Zach or [email protected] could comment
  14. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    OK, so I freely admit this thread partially exists because I'm bored and I would much rather be out driving my ordered Mach, which is another story and why we have the order tracking thread, but- I keep seeing people disparage the Mach as a "over priced parts car", and I wanted to make a...
  15. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Yea but you are leaving out the most important / expensive packages here- the $6.5k PP1, the $1.7k magneride, and the $2.5k digital dash 401a package. That narrows it to a couple $k difference. Comparing a base GT premium to the Mach on price is kinda apples and oranges, just IMO. To get close...
  16. Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    Coming from NE, I think the two week thing some years is an overestimate. Always fun to go out in shorts and see the snow falling.
  17. Mach 1 or 2019 GT350

    Counter opinion, the Mach 1 is a more refined GT350 with a Coyote for $15k less than a 2019 GT350 in today's market for a new car with a new warranty
  18. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Interesting to hear about Flatrock. I'm sure my car is delayed again, but no email yet. I finally had a chance to go see a Grabber yellow mustang in person. I ordered my Mach 1 based on faith but it's always bothered me how variable the color appears in photos. The car in question was an...
  19. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    The front end on the new (2018+?) Challengers is just drop dead gorgeous. I love the circumferentially illuminated air intake. If I could get a good artsy picture of that like this I might frame it for my garage: That being said, I've wanted a mustang for ages, and at my price point I would...