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  1. Mach 1 Ordering Update

    Still hanging on, called FP and I'm still at Oct. 25 (late June confirm, HP, 700a, FJG)
  2. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    700a HP car, ordered June 25, have had build weeks all over the place. Just called FP and slated for week of Oct 25. Pleasantly surprised, last number I heard was late November.
  3. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    When calling Ford Performance, is it an automated system or do you speak with someone?
  4. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Whoa, sorry to hear that. When did you order? I talked to Granger today and am at late November build date (ordered in late June) and was thinking about proactively canceling and ordering a 2022 instead at this point. I have the HP and really want it so I might be in the same boat as you anyway.
  5. Iconic Silver Mach 1 Landed!

    I think Zach posted some regional stats in another thread a few weeks ago. It was pretty interesting. Definitely FJG by a long shot.
  6. Mach 1 handling package order lead times

    Latest update is week of Nov 1 for my HP car. It will be interesting to see if that happens (was already planning to have Zach swap out for the other tires and keep the Cup 2s for a dedicated track wheel in the future)
  7. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    Just got my build date this morning. Ordered from Zach ~2 weeks ago, and now scheduled for October 25 build. I got the HP so hopefully it doesn't slip and that the weather is really nice the first few weeks of November, lol.
  8. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    Yeah, hopefully not but we’ll see…
  9. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    Hello all - placed my order for a 2021 Mach 1 with Zach at Granger today. JFG, HP, Manual trans, so excited. This site was really helpful in thinking through this decision, can't wait until it gets here in a few months!