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  1. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Yeah. We shall see. It’s going into the shop for a few weeks I’m sure and they will run through a bunch of tests. Obviously replacing the bypass valve should be a major thing to look into. The shop I go to is really the best and well known. Also are engine builders so it’s in very good hands...
  2. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    It’s usually on cold starts. I have not had the issue on hot starts. Once the car is hot the start is strong and normal. Once the car starts there’s zero issues at all. But it’s always a weak cold start sometimes dipping below 500rpm and rarely not strengthening and it just stops, requiring me...
  3. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    I have an Edelbrock 2650TVS on my 18 and I have an issue with a very weak start rarely stalling at startup and requiring to hit the ignition button a second time. I use the bigger 103mm tb and air box from Edelbrock off the stage 2 on my stage 1. I am using LU47’s as an upgrade to the stock 27lb...
  4. Got big chip in my 21 gt

    No big deal. These things happen when you drive your car. They aren’t meant to be parked but to be enjoyed. I know it sucks. I have 2 on the leading edge near the windshield. Touch up and done. Nothing more to do.
  5. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    For all intents and purpose. The GT350 is the new “Boss302“. In every sense of the word serves the same purpose and has a lot of the same conditions in regard to how it’s driven and what it’s used for.
  6. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    Prices are going to keep going down because currently it’s “perceived“ value not true value based on chip shortages if you want to sell the car or have even been thinkI got about selling the car now is the time. That car is actually worthless just like every new S550 from 15-21 is. They aren’t...
  7. Anyone have the actual Cobra Jet hood from Anderson Composites/Ford Performance

    Maybe but the hood still opens properly. So wouldn’t that be an impossible action then.
  8. Anyone have the actual Cobra Jet hood from Anderson Composites/Ford Performance

    Wondering because on the Anderson site it says requires removal of wipers. This just doesn’t make sense to me. Does the hood come up just a little more and prevent the hood from being opened properly? The hood can only come up so much before it rubs so I would like to know exactly what’s going...
  9. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Put some 555R2’s 305/35R19’s on the rears. Hook city.
  10. Destroyed LPXHD Clutch

    You do know the 10R80 is horrible in regards to “drag” racing and reliability. I’m not saying the MT82 is better by any means considering there’s just no way to be as fast at the same power. But the 10R80 clutch is weak and the trans tweeks out like crazy with anything above like 8 or 900...
  11. Destroyed LPXHD Clutch

    Alejandro Flores is being sent it by Ben Calimer to stress test it as we speak. It’ll be available soon. But probably not soon enough for you.
  12. Destroyed LPXHD Clutch

    I mean is it possible it was just poorly installed. Calimer recommends these clutches. The RXT is known to grab too hard and destroys MT82’s even Calimer built stage 2’s. With that being said stage3 is in its testing phase now so should be out soon. Maybe a Mccleod will do ok then. And...
  13. What are people data logging with now that there’s no Ngauge?

    the RTD seems a little ridiculous if that’s the only option to datalog. It’s not exactly as easy as the Ngauge made it or the SCT X4 is etc. what is anyone using for HP tuners or Lund for example now to datalog. It actually amazes me that there no company capitalizing on this clear easy way to...
  14. Cup 2 tires in cold weather

    PS4S’ are fine Below 40 degrees. I would say just about any tire especially the PS4S’ are good until about 32 degrees. Below freezing is where you can ruin the tire, dup to the compound hardening and cracking. Michelin sells tires. That’s what their company does. Their advice is always going...
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Ford lugs are 2 piece they are complete junk vs gorilla lugs. They tend to split if you happened to over torque them. Known problem. Look it up.
  16. Which stage 1

    They’re not. You order and it ships direct from whipple. You’ll wait months.
  17. CLUNK when taking off

    It’s the driveshaft. Very common. You change it out to a quality cf one like qa-1 and it stops.
  18. iPhone 12 Max and Mustang GT

    I just throw the phone on it’s side the long way in the cup holder. And whatever I drink whether it be a bottle of water or whatever goes on the passenger seat. I hate drinks in that cup holder any way. MT82 life makes it very uncomfortable to drive wIth.
  19. The "what things weigh thread."

    Now I wonder what the Corsa Xtreme active exhaust with X pipe weighs for the 18+
  20. Supercharger Surge Help!

    My car is tuned by Jim D’Amore at JDM Engineering. There is no better imho. look Them up. My. TB is the 103mm stage 2 TB. That EB makes. And hat was a huge pain to tune for.