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  1. Ordered cars

    I will have lots of pics!
  2. Velocity Blue GT

    Just talked to my dealer, they are expecting it to arrive Friday or Saturday! Can’t wait!
  3. Ordered cars

    Just talked to my dealer and mine should arrive Friday or Saturday! Ordered 6/8, original build date was 9/13, moved to 8/9, shipped 8/10 with an estimated delivery of 8/29-9/4. GT velocity blue, black accent package. Can’t wait!

    I depends on the spoiler, as far as I know the only spoiler with different mounting holes is California Special
  5. Velocity Blue GT

    Looks great! Mine has shipped and is supposed to be Sept 4th!
  6. Ordered cars

    Congrats! Mine is supposed to be here on Sept 4th
  7. Velocity Blue GT

    Congrats! That’s awesome!
  8. Velocity Blue GT

    Congrats!!! That’s awesome, quicker than you thought!
  9. Ordered cars

    I ordered 6/8 just got my window sticker with the same blend date. Hopefully we get an update.
  10. Velocity Blue GT

    So I just checked and status moved to in production with a blend date of August 9th!
  11. Velocity Blue GT

    That’s a nice build!
  12. Velocity Blue GT

    Congrats! What did you order? Hopefully it won’t be too long a wait.
  13. Velocity Blue GT

    Cool, I will have to call and see what I can find out. Thanks!
  14. Velocity Blue GT

    That’s great though, my build date was moved to August 16th so I should get my window sticker next week.
  15. Velocity Blue GT

    Very nice! The VB with the black accent looks amazing!
  16. Velocity Blue GT

    That is the the truth! LOL
  17. Velocity Blue GT

    That’s awesome!!! Congrats!
  18. Velocity Blue GT

    What did you order?
  19. When will Mustangs be back in production

    Oh alright, I didn’t know that.
  20. When will Mustangs be back in production

    I thought the factory opened back up this week? Or was the two week shutdown this week and last week?