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  1. Flat Rock Assembly Stops Mustang Production as Ford Helps Gas Leak Evacuees

    My CFTP was just pushed back to the 28 Sept. delivery from 20 Sept
  2. Introduce yourself!!

    yes they are!
  3. Carbon Wheel Experience Regarding Damage

    The question is, who makes them and where did you buy them at?
  4. Introduce yourself!!

    Been reading this forum for about 6 years now! I've owned so many mustangs now, you would never believe me if I told you, 59 years young now and still buying them. So I have on order now a CFTP GT500,should be here late Sept. and sold the 350R. This car is a A10 with Roush supercharger! Enjoy...
  5. How many miles you got?

    ARE YOU GUY'S doing any brake in miles or are you driving it like you stooled it the day you picked it up?
  6. Ford Premium Care, How much?

    Buying a CPTP next month, Dealer gave me a quote of 96mths 48000 miles $3245, $100 deductible Wheel and tire 72 months $700 This seems high for the ford premium care plan?
  7. Official colors for 2022 GT500 released! Grabber Blue is back!

    I new this was going to happen, really wanted the green!! picking up my CFTP rapid red around 20 Sept. And I know I will never get another chance to get a CFTP car
  8. GT500 markups

    I have no ideal at all but they told me I had to have it (rip off)
  9. GT500 markups

    So I stop by my ford dealer today and the GM ask me if i want to buy a Shelby? I say what color, he says rapid red and it should be here late Sept., I say lets look at the build and how much is the ADM . No ADM give me $500 deposit and it's yours! And you can't believe it is a CFTP car!!!!!
  10. GT500 markups

    My dealer just told me, they have a CFTP GT500 with a built date 9 Sept. Is it to late to change the color. He[p don't want rapid red !
  11. Jack points

    The foot print on these jack stands are 12x8 1/2. on a standard jack stand is 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 and large jack stands is 10x8 1/2!!! not scary at all .
  12. I found a Antimatter unicorn and it is yours at MSRP

    In 2005 my friend order a car from them and they never said there was going to be a 30k mark up until the car showed up! So he sued them and won. You have to agree on the price when you order something in writing. In 2016 I ordered a GT350 and the sales person put it in writing at MSRP and they...
  13. Jack points

    made my own jack stands with three different heads
  14. I found a Antimatter unicorn and it is yours at MSRP

    yea 25k mark up! I hate this STL dealer, they mark up everything and got sued a few times and they lost...
  15. Illinois Sold-Sale Pending For Sale 2019 GT350R triple black 2444 miles $74k

    in the winter when it's cold they will not let the tires freeze ,crack and get flat spots on them! Note these tires are really soft(tread were 180).
  16. Illinois Sold-Sale Pending For Sale 2019 GT350R triple black 2444 miles $74k

    this Shelby has never been on a track or driven in the rain, drove to car shows and work only on nice days. Wheels on car are perfect(so is car)! Ford 3 year/36000 mile warranty good till Sept 2022. Weather tech. floor matts, R emblems on fenders, SHELBY lettering installed on front spoiler, and...