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  1. Completely Turning Off Traction Control?

    Huh. I assumed track mode would have gotten you to where you want to go. what kind of nannies kick in in track?
  2. Personal best at Sebring

    thank you. I think i saw that but noticed it didn’t say for the gt500. So I believe I’ve ordered the wrong one haha.
  3. The 2020+ Shelby GT500 WD152 intake available here at Lethal Performance!

    Just placed my order - will mount with a stock throttle body
  4. Personal best at Sebring

    Hey man, Thanks for this. Which race bushing did you use? Thank you!
  5. Carbon Wheel Experience Regarding Damage

    I’ve spoken to Patrick on a number of occasions about doing a set of wheels for my GTR Pro. Just waiting on a wider barrel in the magnesium. Guy is a beauty.
  6. Carbon Fiber Wheel Tire Change WITHOUT Damage! (How To) video

    Was poking fun from that other thread - relax man. And yes, own a GT500 cftp, and AMG GTR Pro that has the majority of 22,000km in the track. Went through a gt350 and a gt350r- mangled two of the carbon rims driving it backwards down the mountain I live on in the snow…
  7. Carbon Fiber Wheel Tire Change WITHOUT Damage! (How To) video

    I am first in line to watch Tomster come in and piss all over a thread with negativity....he might even tell you that Pilots often think they can do everything and it is good that you know your limitations...
  8. Wheel Finish Comparison

    Beautiful. Matches your's that...
  9. Every CFTP Owner's Worst Nightmare

    This thread is great.
  10. Wheel Finish Comparison

    I might be in the Rose category all by myself...
  11. Sold 2020 & 2021 GT500 on eBay

    I have been trying to get one of these in Canada. Impossible unless you want to pay way above msrp. my dealership only has one allocation and was spoken for a long time ago
  12. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    I put Michelin Alpins on my amg GTR and they were a 345. Just awful in the snow haha.
  13. Five Panel Louvered Rear Quarter Windows

    This is great. Thank you.
  14. GT500 with Black Paint Roof

    I’ll take some tomorrow or Saturday of twister orange with a black roof.
  15. 2022 GT500 Order should stop hoping for that. Then you won't be disappointed.
  16. 2022 GT500 Order

    Thought I read October.
  17. Official colors for 2022 GT500 released! Grabber Blue is back!

    FML. I just had my Twister Orange CFTP delivered and if I knew that green was coming I would have bumped my order out...mother of god.
  18. The 2020+ Shelby GT500 WD152 intake available here at Lethal Performance!

    This just a straight bolt on to a stock engine? No other aftermarkets required? And we get a nice 40+rwhp? Seems like a no brainer?
  19. Anderson Carbon Fibre Roof Replacement

    Thanks, don't have social media though. Not able to view it - appreciate you replying though.
  20. Anderson Carbon Fibre Roof Replacement

    Figure this fall I’ll get deep into a couple Or 3 bottles of wine and pull the trigger. That looks really sharp.