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  1. First real life looks at Eruption Green and Oil Slick Blue-Purple new paint colors for 2022 GT500

    I think Mustang has more color options than most other cars. Would love to see it in the Oil Slick Blue and Eruption Green. Eruption Green almost sounds quite erotic, just sayin.
  2. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    You California people have some of the best roads to have fun and drive on. Love Muholland Drive. Used to live in San Clemente and drove the 5 a lot. Would love to drive my new mustang there.
  3. Finally Arrived

    It looks good, great color, huh? I'm getting some PPF put on it on Friday. Then it should be good to go and hopefully clean. Then I'll get some pics. However, mine is just a stock GT Premium with PP, I haven't done anything to it and probably won't. I'm just getting used to driving it, have 120...

    Beautiful scenery!
  5. Finally Arrived

    I want to get it completely detailed then I will. I really like the color, and everyone who has seen it likes it as well. I call it my daily dose of Vitamin C. Man it is bright as an orange!
  6. My first Mustang! Finally!

    But no Blue Oval on 'em anymore. However, I did notice on my new 21 GT Premium, there is a Ford logo on the windshield above the rearview mirror. Kinda nice touch I thought.
  7. Finally Arrived

    I placed the order on 5/15/21, took a month for the VIN, it was built on 8/4/21, then delivered on 9/11/21. I hope that's a good luck date, time will tell, ha! I don't think there was any delay, I think maybe 1 plant shutdown for like a week. Funny, when I picked my car up, the dealer was...
  8. Side Window Louvers?

    I would think they cost way more than that. Some I've looked at were around $300.
  9. MY '21 Orders being converted to MY '22?

    My My dealer got a hold of me and explained something about after it is built and shipped the information is taken off the website. Kinda weird I thought. Finally received my car yesterday, and I freakin love it. It is a sports car IMO, and is awesome. Hope you get what you ordered, and I am...
  10. Side Window Louvers?

    I like them. And they appear to be a matte finish, not shiny, is that correct?
  11. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Good looking car. Those are my favorite wheels, they look great. Just picked up my TO, 21 GT Premium, and it's definitely enough car for me. My Dad wanted me to get a Mach 1, and he was going to pay the markup, and I said no to that, so I ordered a GT. I think a Mach 1 would be too much for me...
  12. Finally Arrived

    I picked up my brand new 2021 GT Premium 401A, 10speed auto, PP, B&O, active exhaust, magnaride, ebony stripes, Twister Orange yesterday. Man, what a beast. I guess I can say this is my first sports car. Just drove it home from the dealer, so it has 9 miles on it. Washed it this morning, and now...
  13. Flat Rock not producing Mustangs week commencing 6th Sept '21 AND week commencing 13th Sept '21

    Man, I hear ya. I ordered mine on 5/15/21, it was built on 8/4/21, it's shipped, but not here yet. They told me by 9/14/21. I hope so. Your build sounds pretty good. I did fully loaded TO, GT Premium 401A with everything but Recaros. I can't wait to see it and drive it. So, I feel your pain...
  14. Alternator Caught on Fire

    I say blame it on Newsom! He's fixing everything in California right now, isn't he? May as well fix your car too! JK.
  15. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    That's funny. I like it!
  16. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    G Gorgeous car! Still waiting on mine, although it is a 21 GT Premium 401A, fully loaded, TO with black racing stripes.
  17. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    The thin red outline stripe looks really good against the black. Nice looking car!
  18. Do you eat inside your mustang?!

    T That would be the only acceptable way to eat on the car! Thank God In n Out gives lap mats, which are perfect! Just sayin.
  19. Do you eat inside your mustang?!

    Damn, I like that! Can't wait to see mine, love the stripes, only mine will not be a convertible. Getting kinda antsy, said by the 14th from the dealer. I hope so.
  20. Do you eat inside your mustang?!

    Your car looks real good. I like it? I'm still waiting on 21 GT in TO, and can't wait to see it in person. Loaded with everything but Recaros and carbon fiber interior package. What color is yours? Is it OF?