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  1. Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    This car is Antimatter Blue right? It looks incredible with those wheels!
  2. Official colors for 2022 GT500 released! Grabber Blue is back!

    I was going to use an ABS speed shape most likely.
  3. Official colors for 2022 GT500 released! Grabber Blue is back!

    I ordered a spray can and gloss to do some test pieces. Hopefully that will at least give a general idea of how it will look in person. I’ll post some pics after I get it.
  4. Official colors for 2022 GT500 released! Grabber Blue is back!

    Seems kind of bogus. I saw this same screen on FB also but can’t find it anywhere else on the web.
  5. Track Attack Question from my plus one about the "guest" experience

    Do you get a "swag bag" at this event like you do at the ST Experience? When we went with our Explorer ST we got a backpack and some other stuff. Just curious if they do that here as well. It will be a while before we go since I just ordered the car last week...

    Yeah the Hero7 stabilization is pretty amazing I must say. I had wanted to do a remote mic to the exhaust also but it seems a little more complicated than I expected. There is a somewhat bulky adapter you need along with some other considerations I think to make it work. I ran out of time to...

    I actually just ran the cable up into the engine compartment, along the hood line, and then through a small hole that lets you pull it in through the door. It wasn’t meant to be a permanent install so I didn’t go through the firewall. In the future I will likely just tap into a fuse for power...

    I was on the fence but absolutely love how it turned out. They are factory PP2 wheels and they come with 305’s on all four corners. ;)
  9. PP2 real life pictures

    I enjoy the hell out of this car on mountain roads. These MPS 4S’s are a great tire for sure and seem to handle the rain quite well.
  10. Photograph of the Month - May '19. Guidelines in post #1

    I only had time to upload one section of the run. We did the Devil’s Triangle as well which was also a blast. Hopefully I’ll have time to get some video edited this weekend. I’ll PM you the link since it’s probably not appropriate for this thread.
  11. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    I used the GoPro sticky pad mount and that thing is on there like concrete. I have a little safety loop that goes through the grill but it is easy to take on and off. The good thing is the mount is the exact same glossy black plastic as the grill so it blends in pretty well when not in use...
  12. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Fresh off the Dragon...
  13. Photograph of the Month - October 2018

    A recent pic on the Cherohala Skyway. Awesome day! :)
  14. PP2 real life pictures

    No I’m running FP GT350 springs which are about a 3/4” drop.
  15. PP2 real life pictures

    Took my car out on the Tail of the Dragon and other roads in the vicinity this weekend. All I can say is wow! To say it handles fenominal would be an understatement. Massive grip and barely any body roll. I’ve driven it for the past few months but until you actually push the car you just...
  16. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Took a few pics at the Tail of the Dragon this weekend. What at awesome area to drive if your a car enthusiast. Can’t wait to go back again!
  17. Will a 10 inch rim fit up front on the 2018 GT’s?

    My car came with 10.5” wheels and 305/30 tires so I’d say definitely yes. It just depends on the offset.
  18. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    They are gloss black with gloss white side stripes.
  19. Official Labor Day Sale Thread!

    I’m looking to buy a resonator delete h-pipe so that would be great. ;)