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  1. Florida WTB Project 6GR Seven 20" in FL

    I know you're looking for sevens, but I have the tens 20" staggered if your interested. Satin black. See profile pic. Also halfway down this thread for bigger pics. page-3
  2. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    👋 Just hit 4000 miles been driving a LOT lately. Been working out of town all over Florida. No complaints with the car or the blower. I still can't believe how easy and fun it is to daily a 700+ hp car. I have the 6 speed though and it seems everyone with the A10 is having problems. Not...
  3. Nitto NT555Rii out of stock everywhere!! Other Options?

    I concur with the previous poster. Kind of in the same situation myself. I have the G2's now. They were fine on my NA GT but with the blower, they are not suitable. As a daily driver in Florida. The G2s are not bad if its warm and sunny. Anything other than that is just asking for trouble...
  4. Ordered cars

    Yes it was several weeks early. Arrived at Granger beginning of July, had them install the Roush blower and shipped it down to me. Kind of surprised everyone arriving that early.
  5. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Are you ever in Orlando? I’m working in Jax currently and go to Orlando about once a month to see family. If you ever wanted to meet up and talk shop, look at my setup or go for a ride let me know. I daily mine and have not experienced any heat soak or cel.
  6. Who has this kit any feed back M-6066-M8

    Its a great kit for the street daily driver type. I would not recommend it for any drag strip or track use. It has a less than ideal intercooler setup and will heat up and cut power after repeated hard pulls. That being said, I did a few small pulls on the interstate the other day in 95F Florida...
  7. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Mine drives better than my stock 2019 did. Its just smoother all around. But I also switched from the A10 to the 6 speed. Unless your in the boost you cannot tell the car is not stock. Mine is a daily driver and I drive a lot. Zero complaints so far. It even gets the same 24 mpg on the highway.
  8. KBB

    Don't even bother. Just order one from one of the very helpful dealers on this site. For less than invoice.
  9. Nissan's "new" Z/Z400

    400 hp. Anybody know the weight? At least they didn’t phone it in like Toyota. 6 speed will be fun with that engine. Looks halfway decent. I grew up in the 80s/90s so it looks very familiar to me. Price is good too. If they keep the weight in check I could see it giving the 6 speed GT a run...
  10. The Sheer Joy Of Driving A Mustang

    Granger Ford new GT + Roush supercharger kit. Several threads about it he’s on here all the time
  11. Mustang GT vs BMW M2 Competition

    Congrats. I completely understand. I had a 15’ Focus ST. I didn’t realize it at the time but it was one of the most fun cars I’ve ever owned. And it was unmodded. After my Mustang kick is over I would love to try an M car. Hopefully they still have manuals by then.
  12. The Sheer Joy Of Driving A Mustang

    They ARE great cars. They are a great VALUE. I wish people wouldn’t nit pick these cars so much. Where else can you get 460+ hp, for ~$36k. Or 700+ hp, reliably, for $44k. With a warranty. My dad spent $100k on his 911S. It’s not even fun to drive on the street. If we’re being honest. It looks...
  13. Quietest GT Exhaust + Power Train Mount Swap

    Don't know of any mufflers quieter than stock resonator and mufflers. Also the stock mounts have got to be the softest of all of them. So...back to stock for everything should be about right.
  14. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Could I read iat2 with an old pro cal 4 from my last car ?
  15. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Does the Roush intercooler pump run with ignition on engine off or only when engine is on? I was trying to verify coolant flow in the degas tank today and it’s hard to tell with the vibration from the engine.
  16. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Haha F250 open carry 3 car trailer. And I was lucky. There is a driver shortage. They almost had to cancel the whole thing and me fly up and drive home.
  17. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit and Montway who couldn't find a driver so they contracted out to someone else who had a spot open up at the last minute. Mine was $1200 one way.
  18. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    I would jump on that. I would be careful shipping right now they are short drivers and I barely got mine picked up from Granger. Took 5 days to find a driver.
  19. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    100 mile initial impressions, don't laugh. -need new tires. 305 nitto g2's are not going to cut it. not talking about launching or going to the track. just daily driving. -drivability is insane. can't believe how smooth and linear the power is. very deceiving. several times I thought I let...