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  1. Exhibitions Of Speed - PYTHON GT500 Hood Vent Project

    Would the matte or gloss twill match better with Andersons composites spoiler?
  2. Stock fuel system limits for pump gas

    It may be different now, but some tuners prefer ID'S because they are more efficient and can tune better with them. If you listen to nothing us then hear not skimp by when it comes to the fuel side of the horsepower equation because that is when things can go bad if you did. Not...
  3. Stock fuel system limits for pump gas

    I think the consensus advice is to ask your tuner what they recommend for the recipe to meet your short term and long term goals. I think the consensus advice as it relates to fuel is to air on the side of caution which means making sure you have enough fuel now and later. I personally...
  4. Stock fuel system limits for pump gas

    Cold air, 2.85, ported blower, 105mm throttle body, Id 1050s, fuel rails, tstat, catless, 93 octane...812hp. I'm sure there are other recipes but this is mine. No complaints
  5. Are you ready to take your 2020 GT500 to the next level? Look inside!

    Do you have to do id1300s to run e85....will id1000s suffice?
  6. Belt

    Ok. Thank you. By the way, I do have the whipple assuming that makes a difference.
  7. Belt

    What is the correct belt size for the 2.85 grip tec pulley??
  8. Whipple intercooler

    so who all has a whipple intercooler and do you like it? Does it seem to lower iats?
  9. Gen2 w/ Gen5 Whipple Custom Tune

    I had full stainless works headers, h pipe, cat back. From what I was told the 3.625 was lowest you could go on 93. Had I swapped to E85, then the skys the limit on pulleying down. And yes, I had the triple pump fuel system for whatever direction I wanted to go. E85 was not readily available...
  10. Gen2 w/ Gen5 Whipple Custom Tune

    3.625 is the lowest pulley i thought you can go on least that is what I did.
  11. Beefcake Racing Project "Scorcher" Part 2 - Ultimate Header 1 7/8 Header install

    Someone explain....the graph shows the first pull, obviously at less hp, up to 7500 rpm....and the second pull, obviously more hp, up to 8000 rpm. From all the dyno vids posted, and as has been reported by pbd, whom I trust, it has been shown that some guys report higher numbers just based off...
  12. Cat delete guys...

    All I can say is once you have had a good stainless works kit or borla kit, with long tubes of course, then its hard to mimic that sound with just eliminating the cats and resonators on the 500. There is a video out on the tube with the test kit from stainless works....only thing I'm not sure...
  13. Finally hit a real dyno

    Would love to see a pull on 93 octane....if you get the chance
  14. Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    Aight. Cool
  15. Mississippi BC Forged / Toyo R888R FS - sold

    Ah yes, the whipple. These wheels and tires went very well with my whipple setup. :)
  16. Mississippi BC Forged / Toyo R888R FS - sold

    Joelang33....I sent a pm