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  1. Cylinder head temps??

    Mine rarely hit 203 Side note: I had a belt shred slowly enough that it stopped turning the water pump but kept running. Head temp hit 260 when the light came on and I shut off immediately. Blew a head gasket and had to machine the heads.
  2. Any vendor willing to sell eb 2650 pulley?

    Hey everyone, I had a belt shred on my 8 rib eb 2650. Because it didn’t snap, the car overheated and fucked up heads/ gasket. I’m looking for these two items 51-4262 alternator pulley 36-6082 Flange nut for alternator. The speed shop is saying that edelbrock won’t separate out a 8rib kit or...
  3. Balancer Options Edelbrock

    A 2.75” griptec slipped on my 6 rib setup with stock balancer. Partial throttle it would go to 14-15 and then slip.
  4. Twin turbo 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust

    I’ve heard of many cars having boost creep or very unstable boost regulation.
  5. Balancer Options Edelbrock

    I tried it. Didn’t hold boost past 11psi. Ended up getting a 8 rib kit from beefcake.
  6. First pass on 2019 gt a10 Lund e85

    Vegas da sucks. Feel your pain
  7. Twin turbo 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust

    Turbos create a lot of back pressure. In an ideal world you wouldn’t have anything past downpipe. coyote heads flow a ton of air. If you have too much back pressure you’ll have issues.
  8. Safe way to sell parts?

    How does everyone go about selling parts online and having safeguards for both parties? I have a bunch of parts to sell/ship and I’m not sure what’s best these days
  9. Mods can delete- found alternator pulley removal tool

    ** never mind- found one right after posting, after a long search*** Can someone point me towards the needed 10mm socket/ h17 alternator pulley removal tool? Having a hard time finding one and vato zone only has the standard clutch style removal tools.
  10. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Thanks totally get it. I purchased the 3.75” for 91 octane.. if I’m ever in a pinch. The car has only been on e85 since it was na. I don’t think any boost on 12.1 compression is a great idea
  11. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    I’ve ran a 3” and attempted a 2.7” on the 6 rib. We have really high density altitude and the 3” made 11 psi.i I had to run the 3.25” recommended belt for the 3” pulley. you can fit a 3.75” pulley. It’s the largest that’ll fit on the eb
  12. Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    he’s got to be so stressed. I can’t imagine trying to make some of these decisions. There’s only less wrong ways of handling things at this point. My personal opinion is that we’ve made it thus far.. let’s see this thru. Try to prolong the largest influx until we have more infrastructure in...
  13. Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    I think that’s what he’s hoping for. Trump wants to be re-elected and his platform is built on the economy. He doesn’t want to die on this hill
  14. Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    It’ll be higher the 50% and 1% mortality. horrible choice.. let a ton of people die without attempting to help as much as possible or a guaranteed recession approaching a real depression. How’s that for morbid?!
  15. Mickey Thompson ET Street R vs. R Bias vs. S/S

    80foxcoupe said it well. Drag Radials with a manual car= broken transmission.
  16. Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    There is two mutations as of right now. Americans have only been confirmed to have the one that came from China. I’m sure the Europe strain will get here too, if it’s not here yet. Nobody knows if this will be a one and done or If it’ll mutate like influenza. My fiancée does rotations at one...
  17. Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    Oh it’s real. I’m in Vegas and they are going to be out of masks at our hospitals around tomorrow. They are asking the public to turn any in and to start sewing them. If the curve isn’t flattened, Our advanced health care will not help. The people that think it’s overblown will change their...
  18. Headers without retune

    Most tuners adjust transport delay no matter the tune. If you’re already tuned you’ll be fine.
  19. Where to buy 6rib 15% overdrive lower

    I tried to run a 2.7” and 3” griptec. It was falling to around 11. I want to run 14 psi. I tried the 8 rib lower with a 6 rib belt with a 3.25 pulley (non griptec) and it fell to 11psi on first dyno pull and 8 psi on second pull. I’ll just do an 8 rib setup and griptec now. I only noticed how...