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  1. Maryland Cobb accessport V3 Mustang- Unmarried

    Checkout my for sale page if you or someone is still in need!
  2. Virginia SOLD Cobb Accessport v3 Unmarried Sold

    Cobb Accessport V3 for the 2015+ Mustang Ecoboost for sale. Unmarried and comes with original case. Both grey and blue faceplates and original plastic still attached to the screen. $400 shipped.
  3. Accessport installed with issues

    I want to thank everyone who helped me with this matter. Everything seems to be running smoothly now! Thanks guys!!
  4. Accessport installed with issues

    It was nothing more then a stock off the shelf tune from cobb. A stage 1
  5. Accessport installed with issues

    My version 3 accessport came in today and I installed it on my ecoboost. The only modifications I have right now are a axle back exhaust and a cold air intake. I went with the stage 1 at 93 octane tune and installed it on to my car with ease. Took the car for a very short drive and it's almost...
  6. Selling Unmarried Cobb Accessport V3 **SOLD**

    If still available I'll probably scoop it

    So I purchased this product from AM and it stated it came with 3 mounting bolts. However, of course it did not and now I'm struggling to find what the 3 bolts are so that I can just go purchase them at a local store. Customer service is taking their sweet time attempting to find out so I figured...
  8. Roush CAI

    Tried to PM you but it didn't seem to work. If you can meet me half way at $240 shipped I can PayPal or venmo you today. Let me know if you want it sold! Thanks!
  9. Roush CAI

    I'm doing some more research but I'm interested in your intake .
  10. Roush CAI

    Did you end up going with the MAP stage 3 or Cobb Stage 3 kit??
  11. Anyone know what wheels these are?

    Tried to google scan the vehicle but haven't been able to specifically find this set of wheels. Anyone know what they are? Thanks!