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  1. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    Can't seem to find the RHD option .... again .... :angry:
  2. Why Ford can't you bring this to the UK??

    Oh yes .... one more thing. I don't suppose we'll hear too many motoring press reviews of the BMW complaining about how big it is, either :frusty:. Rant over.
  3. Why Ford can't you bring this to the UK??

    Just to labour my point .... ;) Take away the lights. Mustang or BMW? ....
  4. Why Ford can't you bring this to the UK??

    BMW are, to all intents and purposes, about to launch a Mustang - and you can bet 'the fast version' will be the best seller of the range, but at a cost at least double that of a GT350. They undoubtedly will be available in RHD too. So you do wonder why Ford seem to think a GT350 wouldn't sell...
  5. Audi bad. Ford good.

    Left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling all over! .... :D. If only Ford could be as attentive to people who'd actually BOUGHT a Mustang! :confused:
  6. Mustang Hybrid

    If it was still a V8 hybrid and there were, say, various drive modes from full on performance using electric enhancement (La Ferrari style) at one end of the scale to an eco mode at the other where fuel efficiency was maximised, then bring it on I say. The additional weight in an already heavy...
  7. The Never Ending Warranty Issue

    Sorry to hear about your on-going problems. Hope it's all sorted now. However, these kind of customer service issues are all too common it seems (and certainly don't seem to have improved since I had my car). More than the actual build quality issues, the woeful customer service is what's...
  8. MY18 when do you expect delivery?

    Essentially it's just a review of the auto 'box. Brief references to LCD instruments and direct injection but no mention of Magneride or active exhaust. When they arrive I shall attempt to blag a day with a demonstrator (arriving at the end of the month apparently) and I might well go for an...
  9. Ford Mustang 2019 Spec

    WTF?! ..... are they trying to intimate that Sesame Street is a kids TV program?! .... next thing you know they'll be telling me Santa doesn't exist! :crazy:
  10. Coast 2 Coast Cars (Broker)

    Could be excellent news, as he also said no GT350! :thumbsup:
  11. Bullitt to Europe confirmed?!

    Well, just to prove that you can't please all of the people all of the time, I'm not a fan - don't like the green colour and don't like the wheels (yes, I like the film and the original car - but it belongs where it came from - in the 60's). As v8hgt says, just go the whole way and give us...
  12. Last Ditch Attempt to sell those MY15-17's!

    Just emailed my local FordStore about MY18 demonstrator availability and got this reply; "Our understanding is Ford will not be building or releasing any 18 model Mustangs until toward the end of 2018. We currently have some great offers on New Mustang in stock if that is of interest to...
  13. MY18 when do you expect delivery?

    Wow! .... looks very cool indeed! Now even more tempted to email Coast2Coast! :) Do you have the active exhaust? .... Magneride? .... Recaros? Hope the weather improves for you soon, we're expecting a full road test report! :thumbsup: Also, when you get a chance please give us some feedback...
  14. Peoples Thoughts please

    I had numerous issues trying to get warranty work done on my car, some down to the dealer some down to Ford. In the end I wrote a stinking letter to Ford Warranty, Ford Customer Service Centre and copied in Andy Barratt. Suddenly Ford Warranty and the dealer couldn't do enough for me and...
  15. Coast 2 Coast Cars (Broker)

    Shame .... still, maybe they'll be an option on the MY19 :thumbsup: That said, I'm still clinging on to the (probably) forlorn hope that GT350 production will be extended into 2019 and we'll get a RHD GT350R while the folks in the US get the GT500 :shrug:
  16. Coast 2 Coast Cars (Broker)

    :) .... yes, I'm sure you could answer that one pretty accurately! ..... that's what bothers me! :D Do we know what the absolute definite final options are at the moment? The only thing I couldn't spec that I would have on a MY18 are the 7-spoke GT350 look-a-like wheels. Will those be...
  17. Coast 2 Coast Cars (Broker)

    I checked out the Coast2Coast site and a manual GT with all the bells and whistles is around £42k :thumbsup: - about £3.5k less than Ford want. Sounds like a bloody fantastic deal! So fantastic I almost put an order in - but if I do decide to get another Mustang I shall wait for MY19 .... as...
  18. Mustang on Top Gear

    Well .... absolutely no doubt about which car sounded the best! The F-Type was nice, the McLaren was hands down the best car (as it should be for the money), but F:censored:K! - I want a GT350R! (without the Hennessey mods please)..... :headbang:
  19. Strut Brace

    It kind of fits. 5 mins with an angle grinder on the offside to shape to clear the K brace, a can of spray paint and a drill and it's job done. I fitted one to my GT. Took an hour or so plus a bit of time for the paint to dry and looks the business when it's on. Go for it! ...
  20. Mustang on Top Gear

    So - yet again - another UK review of a car you can't actually buy in the UK. How many reviews have there now been in the UK of the 350R?! Most frustrating.