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  1. Can't sleep , picking up car tomorrow

    Congrats on the car. Best color!
  2. best exhaust for GT????

    AWE-Tuning Catback Touring
  3. Bat Soup” or “Bad Science” in Wuhan?

    Just passing to read about the "ChiPs and FauCci gAin OF FuNCtIoN SecRet TEstiNG" 🍿🍿🍿
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Washed it using Autofanatic Snow Storm shampoo and Si02 Holeshot for the tires. Turtle Wax Ceramic Wet Wax as a drying aid and TW Seal&Shine Used on the interior CG Invisible Interior Cleaner and Meguiars Xpress Spray Wax.
  5. its been nice being here!

    Keep fighting and I expect you to get another Mustang soon!!
  6. PP1 oil filter funnel

    Looking to buy one. Let me know when its available.
  7. Stainless Power LTH cat-back suggestions?

    AWE Touring and Stainless header. Not the best sound quality though.
  8. Here we go..Steeda suspension

    After 4 months of training and traveling, finally came back home 2 weeks ago. Loved D.C , hated WV and was ok with GA. (St Simons Island is a blast) A week ago ordered the Steeda jacking rails and eibach bump stops. Should be here by tomorrow. I expect to install everything between saturday and...
  9. 1320 Hand Ported Cobra Jet Manifolds at Lethal Performance!

    It must fit. Steeda is using the Cobra Jet on their Silver Bullet. Bret Barber (Air Flow Solutions) Ported Cobra Jet Intake

    Kinda like it better with the resonator.
  11. Post Your Day 1 vs. Now Mustang Pics

    Are those the RTR Tech Mesh wheels?
  12. Post Your Day 1 vs. Now Mustang Pics

    2020 12 24 / 2021 07 14
  13. Long tubes, N gauge e85 tune and JLT intake?

    I didnt catch your mods. Headers, CAI, exhaust and tune?
  14. Military Discount Vendors

    I use or just tell them my .mil email.
  15. Military Discount Vendors

    Steeda offers military discount. Ask @[email protected] for the code.
  16. So, I got some Goodies for a 1" drop.

    A video from Auto Fanatic 007 installing MM Camber Plates. Might help..
  17. Application/Buffing/Polishing Pads

    Griot's DA polisher 5.5in with Lake Country SDO orange and black pads.
  18. SVE R350 wheels

    Looking great @gadgtfreek