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  1. Stay With Present Car or buy GT?

    I was in the same position as you with my v6 and a good deal came up lol. After 2 months of owning the stingray I can definitely say it was worth every penny. I also considered a GT as well and couldn't justify purchasing one unless it was an 18 and even then the pricing on 18s weren't what I...
  2. Install PP Gauges on Non-PP Model - Recap

    So does this mean you still need the tune if your a v6 owner?
  3. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    I’ll try those codes on my gps later and see what happens. No idea at this point
  4. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    What did you change? Mine has been backwards for the past 3-4 months lol
  5. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Came out to 1140.57 for pick up, man this is expensive. I guess I’ll be scouring ebay every hour lol
  6. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I did it on mine, its not that hard, you just need a fresh unused razor blade. Basically the keyways on the tesla button dont match the OEM keyways, and you just notch into them, shaving them a little by little until they line up with the OEM ones. Once theyre lined up correctly the OEM...
  7. 2018 Mustangs at Austin

    I will find and lcd cluster and i will install it!
  8. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Subbed for line lock
  9. V6 tunes worth it ?

    Yeah id be interested in long term longetivity as well with a tune
  10. SVE Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

    Wow thats tempting! Im in the market for a gt350 wheel and i must say that looks good!
  11. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    can you post a picture of the back of your unit with all your connections?
  12. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    yeah the CD player and black box come out, if its the second gen, make sure both connectors from the CD player are connected on the uppermost corner of the unit. There should be a whitish connector and a black one from the CD player, they both have to be connected in order to power on. You might...
  13. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Got the drive modes working in my v6, even though the AC turns on what a difference!
  14. Roof rack for SUP

    its 10'6 and about 4-5 feet wide. I actually took it yesterday sticking out of my trunk, but I quickly realized thats not the best option lol. I mean if anything, my GF has a Kia Soul, so if anyone can recommend a rack that would work on a Kia Soul that would be great as well!
  15. Roof rack for SUP

    Not convinced on the man bun, but ill take the jeep!
  16. Roof rack for SUP

    Yeah I get you, I just thought maybe theres someone out there that uses a mustang as a DD and they've found ways to work around problems like this lol I'll look into that! Thanks man!
  17. Heads up display?

    I actually had the 50$ one from Amazon and ill be honest with you guys, during the day unless you apply the tiny tint section into the window, its hard to see the info. However, once the sun sets or some clouds over head, it kick ass! I loved the thing! At night its very cool, probably the only...