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  1. Acceleration and front end twist

    Yes to both brace and rails. I should have said its lifting more than before the install of parts. I guess, maybe, the MPSSs are hooking better than since I don't remember it happening like this when I got the car and the Hankooks still had good tread.
  2. Acceleration and front end twist

    I recently updated the suspension and tires (see sig) and when I accelerate hard now, the car lifts a bit on the driver's side. I'm wondering if this is normal with the better tires (Michelin MPSS vs Hankook Aventis V12) hooking up (I don't have experience with the MP4Ss) or the new suspension...
  3. Trouble finding MPSS in 305/35/19 for stock GT350

    Hopefully this is the case. I must have bought two of the last remaining ones a few months ago! DT had to ship them here to AZ from CA. I have a few years to wear these out, so who knows what will be available, then.
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Payed off the loan! It's all mine now.:party:
  5. Your handle/name meaning and why?

    Argentum is Latin for silver.
  6. New set-up ---Thoughts?

    As I said in post #13, I was getting some knock from the front end after install and took it back to the shop. They "checked" everything and said that these parts will just make noise and all was good. It wasn't and got worse. I finally took it to another shop that someone posted on here and...
  7. Post Your Day 1 vs. Now Mustang Pics

    Then (when I said I was going to keep it stock. Lol!) And now:
  8. How to remove wax from plastic side runners

    Save some money and try a regular pencil eraser. Worked for me.
  9. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    Closing the gap does help out with looks and handling. You've probably looked over other members pictures of lowered cars and know the positives and sometimes negatives that come with doing it...along with the cost. Since we have very similar wheels, here's mine with Steeda progressives...I...
  10. Pops, Clicks, & Knocks — Easy Fixes (Sometimes)

    Thanks for this! I've had my car lowered and installed Steeda end links and have knocking at slow speeds when going either straight or turning. Waiting on a new low profile jack to arrive so I can tighten/torque the bolts, but I think I'll get those star washers first. I don't think the...
  11. Whats a Little Thing You Love and a Little Thing You Hate?

    I don't think there is a little thing I like about it. Everything I like is a big like! I guess its the same thing about what I dislike. 1. Dash buzz. 2. Stereo starts playing upon start-up. Every stereo I've ever had, when you pause it, it stays paused until you un-pause. I've looked for a...
  12. Photograph of the Month - June 2021. Guidelines in post #1

    Evening sun turned part of my Ingot Silver to Ingot Gold.
  13. Rooftop1.jpg


  14. Indianapolis 500

    I ended up watching the replay last night and was amazed there were no on-track wrecks, too! Has that ever happened before??? I knew who won, but still got an adrenalin kick watching the last 10 laps as if I didn't know!
  15. Do local Ford Dealers to you have any Mustangs in stock?

    The local dealer near me has 14 Mustangs. Breakdown: 4 2020s (1 GT, 3 Ecos) 2 2121 GT500s 6 2121 Ecos 2 2121 GTs 4 Mach-Es
  16. When did Ford change the recommended engine oil for the GT?

    Just bought 10 quarts of M1 5w30 goodness today for the next change...which will be the third since I got it. No issues whatsoever and running smoothly. The filter is Napa Premium #47502 (made by Wix, I believe).
  17. ArgentumS550

    Comment by 'ArgentumS550' in media 'New wheels and suspension.jpg'

    Thank you! The sun had just set so there was still natural lighting and no lights above.
  18. Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    I had PP1 wheels and compromised with a color in the metallic gray family. Silver wheels, IMO, would have been an over-load of the color.
  19. New set-up ---Thoughts?

    Finally. I ordered a new suspension/wheel/tire set up which is listed in my sig. After a horrendous ordeal with Need for Speed shipping and customer service for the wheels, Steeda and Discount Tire were great, I think I'm about 90% done. I've been driving the new parts for a month, now. I...