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  1. Best Corvette Ever?

    As much as I love the ZL1 engine, I never cared for the 3rd gen body.
  2. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I'm in IL, my dealer asked if I wanted a plate bracket on the car. I told him leave it in the trunk. He told me most Mustang buyers don't want the required front plate on the car. Mine has only had the rear since day one. IL was trying to change to a 1 plate state.
  3. Looking at SVE PP2 Wheels. Thoughts?

    Hurst had some that look much closer.
  4. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    That's as much sense as I can make comparing them.
  5. Best Corvette Ever?

    Favorite Vette would be a 67 427/435 4 speed.
  6. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    Back in 1980, I lived in Nothern Indiana. I would take the train to Chicago and buy as much silver coins as I could for 7 times face value, and sell in IN for 23 times face value. Not a bad gig for for a 14 year old that summer. Made lots of money buying from several people!
  7. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    So much cheaper than mine in comparison. That would be over $20K here.
  8. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    How big is your house/land?
  9. 1,000+ HP GT500 Races vs. Tesla Plaid Model S

    When an EV sets the cannonball record, I'll seriously consider one. Until then, I don't want the hassle.
  10. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    Jersey and Illinois are the worst on property tax. My little 1100 Sq ft. house in IL is $6,300 a year in tax. 1/10th of an acre......
  11. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    Prices are dropping. By next year this will all be a memory.
  12. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    A very complicated question. Some snap because it was added with an incorrectly installed balancer. If you are under 900RW, I wouldn't worry about the support.
  13. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    I believe going PD with an MT82 is the right way to go, because first gear is much longer (all gears are) than a 10R80. Driving easy in first, the 10R80 will hit boost around 18 mph. Do the same on an MT82 and it will be probably 30 mph. The MT82 with can effectively use all the extra lower...
  14. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    P1x stage 2 with a 4.5" pulley will get you there with roughly 10PSI on Premium fuel. (93 preferred)
  15. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    Virtually everyone who has broke a crankshaft is at 1,000+ HP and most have an improperly installed ATI balancer. 850RW seems to be a really safe RW HP number, after that reliability does go down with every additional 100HP. 50% increase would be for a standard low boost kit. Upping ther HP is...
  16. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    Basically, the tuner kit comes without a tune. I already had a tuner (N gauge) so I opted for the tuner kit, as I didn't need 2 devices. Then I had Lund create a new tune for the device I already had.
  17. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    If you just want to make 750RW, you don't need E85 or a fuel system. Any more and you will. (on either system) It's the fuel that's limiting either setup to around 750WHP. BTW, ordering a smaller pulley doesn't cost more. just tell them what size or boost level you want. You seem hellbent to...
  18. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    630 is probably the standard 8.5# pulley. You can definitely make much more, it just needs a smaller pulley, and possible fuel upgrades and or E85 depending on how much you want to make.
  19. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    I don't believe you needed to change injectors at all with your setup.