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  1. So Calif 5.2 engine builder

    Maybe Huffacker at Sears Point?
  2. Magneride

    Well, we have two data points right now between my Eco & kz's GT. It seems as if the baseline map is a good bit better than the Ford "Track" setting on track. There will always be gains found from fine tuning, but this will be car/driver/application specific.
  3. Magneride

    As far as I can tell, everyone is having a pretty good discussion, so right now, that person seems to be you. Keep in mind, the calibration of your PP2 car will be different than others. Your various mode settings might be very pronounced. Mine are not.
  4. Magneride

    There's nothing CA drivers love better than driving 4-wide door handle-to-door handle down the freeway while going 3 mph below the speed limit.
  5. Magneride

    Ya, if you look back at either this or one of the other Magneride threads, I mentioned exactly this. I've been a fan of Ohlins dampers for a _long_ time. The kit costs about $3500 USD. For a track only car, you get a pretty nice piece of kit. The car does lose some of its street manners, but...
  6. Magneride

    ...and that's giving them too much credit.
  7. Magneride

    I really can't answer that question with any confidence. There are just too many variables and I've only been able to evaluate what I have done to my own car. Here are some thoughts in no particular order: I think increasing the front spring rate is a good way to speed up the response of the...
  8. Street Style Ecoboost Drift Build

    Interesting, could you be more specific on the connector? What do you use to counteract the ABS?
  9. Magneride

    The 'DSC' aftermarket controller is very similar for each, but the stock controllers might be significantly different. I don't know who produces the Ford controller. I assumed the controller was produced by BWI/Magneride as well as the dampers, but it doesn't surprise me that Bosch produces a...
  10. Magneride

    You're hard-pressed to find a worse group.
  11. Heavy NVH from new steeda shifter

    I doubt you'll be disappointed.
  12. Magneride

  13. To Coilover Or Not

  14. Magneride

    I think the Mag suspension is pretty damned good. It drives like a much more expensive car.
  15. Camber plates

    JM is the best bang/buck in my book.
  16. Ewheels Road Course Build

    The same advice is applicable at Big Willow. RF weight and staggered cambers are your friend. A reasonable starting point on staggered cambers is about 0.5* front and 0.3* rear. As long as you reduce the front and rear (on the RH side) cambers proportionally, you won't feel a handling...
  17. Ewheels Road Course Build

    If you want to really get around that oval, you can put a significant amount of LF weight in the car (50-100# or 1-2 turns on a coil-over would be a reasonable starting point). It makes a significant difference in turning (& RF wear) for the left-handers and helps reduce wheelspin on low-speed...
  18. Ewheels Road Course Build

    Don't beat yourself up too badly. Laptimes at Buttonwillow always go into the toilet this time of year. If you started running at 6 AM, you might get an hour of decent track temperature, but there is dirt/sand everywhere. You just have to drive to the grip level and the lap time is what it is...
  19. Street Style Ecoboost Drift Build

    I have a question about the wheelspeed plug that you are disconnecting on the front end of the car. What all does that affect? Traction control & stability control can be turned off with the switches. Are you specifically trying to do something with the ABS/braking?
  20. DSC Sport Magneride suspension controller review

    1. I think your first question is necessary for most people and yes it's available. 2. You next question is one that I can only partially answer. Ultimately, though, I think it's going to depend on your goals. I'm confident the stock Magneride dampers are 'good enough' for any spring which is...