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  1. My First Car Was...

    In 1982 I bought a '73 Roadrunner. Like below but dark green and not in as good of shape.
  2. Angry horse head fender emblems

    Ferrari may have some options. Just sayin.
  3. Mustang GT way too loud now

    I also have a Steeda H Pipe w/ Roush AB. It is loud but I get compliments from young and old about how good it sounds.
  4. How many of you have NEVER owned a Mustang previously?

    I bought my first Mustang when I was 50! It's been a fun 5 years so far. Definitely better late then never.
  5. S550 Road Tripping (Leave your long distance pros and cons)

    I live in GA and have driven to IN, WI, OH, FL, and MS many times. 880 miles one way is longest I've done. It's a great road trip car. I've done 4 hours stretches and feel great. I get 25mpg doing 70-75 mph. I have found that putting the steering mode in comfort is best for long drives...
  6. Should i got for an axle back exhaust or a hpipe?

    I went for the axle-back first (Roush). Got the sound/tone I liked. Then later, with prodding from the wife, I added an h-pipe to really turn up the volume.
  7. Fun thread - How manual manual drivers reach for stick or clutch in an auto?

    I've gone for the missing clutch a couple times. But like others I have other issues with swapping cars. Mainly the cruise control buttons. Opposite sides of the steering wheel on our Jeep. I drove the Jeep for a week on vacation and feel like I can't work the buttons in the Mustang now...
  8. Feedback on a 305/35/20 and 285/30/20 Setup

    You can get Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 in 265/35/20 and 305/35/20 or G-Force Comp-2 A/S in 285/35/20 and 305/35/20 or Pilot Sport A/S 4 in 285/30/20 and 305/35/20. I'm in GA also. I agree it gets cold enough that I don't like running summer tires in the winter either. My solution was to keep my...
  9. Sirius station availability

    Thanks. That explains a lot then.
  10. Sirius station availability

    I've got a 2016 GT and my wife has a 2020 Jeep Wrangler. She can get stations in the 300+ range but I can't. Same package from Sirius. Anyone else able to get those higher stations? Is there an update to the radio to allow those stations?
  11. So do these rear wheels poke out too far?

    I'm good with that. No more though.
  12. Contemplating a road trip. Chicago to Seattle next month.

    Enjoy it! I've made the Chicago/Merrillville/Milwaukee area to Georgia trip many times in the Mustang. Great traveling car.
  13. 255/40R19 front and 325/30r19 rear

    With that much variance between front and rear it's going to understeer more than normal in the corners. Typical stock PP car with 255/275 has a front that is 92% the size of the rear. Your front will be 78% the size of the rear. Just something to be aware of.
  14. 305/35/20 on 11” rear?

    +40 front +50 rear
  15. 305/35/20 on 11” rear?

    305/35/20 on CS-11 Offset: +40F +50R Stock PP suspension