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  1. My 2019 Ford GT on BAT
  2. First edition bronco for sale

    My friend is selling brand new first edition bronco … and some
  3. List of CFTP for Sale

    Is there a list of GT500CFTP on the market or best way to search? When I bought my GT350R one of the members built a web tool that aggregated all the cars on market. Is there anything like that now? Thanks
  4. Schroth QuickFit Pro - On a 2018?

    I never put the plastic piece back or the cover to the trunk. I just tracked this thing. As I remember you would have to cut the plastic trim to make it fit. I would not modify the brackets. The belt with the round buckle functions as sub belt. It runs between the bottom and back of the seat...
  5. 2020 Shelby GT500 and GT350 Dealer Allocation

    Is there a list of all the CFTP GT500 for sale? When the 350s first came out some one on the forum built a web site that aggregated them all.Thanks
  6. Enough with unsubstantiated Post of broken Engines

    Ford would not let the mechanic get in the motor. He was told to send it back unopened. Rumor has it it was an oiling issue with the pick up tube fallingout causing starvation leading to failure? But I have no idea why it blew up?
  7. Enough with unsubstantiated Post of broken Engines

    2018 GT350R failed at 1100 miles on track. Motor replaced and ran fine till car was sold at 4500 miles. All track miles except 2000 break in miles. I don't think it is necessarily an indictment of all Voodoo motors but as I understand it the motors have been updated since. I loved the car as a...
  8. GT350R 2018 GT350R for sale

  9. Texas FS- Schroth 6point harness and Brey Krause Harness bar

    For sale see link in another thread Reason for sale is selling car Schroth QuickFit Pro - On a 2018?
  10. Schroth QuickFit Pro - On a 2018?

    I am selling my set up that is not seat belt or model year dependent. No mods needed. Bolt in harness bar(Brey Krause) 6 point harness with anchors Used 6 months PM for details or questions
  11. Need advice on PPF placement

    I have used the rock guards and they dont stay on on. My rockers are PPF so I am not concerned. As far as the GT is concerned there are screens that people use for road use only and take of for high speed events. Everyone PPFs the entire car so rock chips are not a concern(multiple layers for...
  12. Need advice on PPF placement

    Look into Clearplex for windscreeen Rock gaurds are a waste
  13. Lets see your favorite photo!

    This car has full front, rockers, rear bumper, and wing wrapped in Suntek Also has Clearplex on windshield(during install hence the bubbles)