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  1. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    You raise an interesting point about activating. When my car showed up at the dealership, that was when I first downloaded the FordPass phone app (iOS/iPhone in my case), put in the VIN and "activated" the app to be linked to my car. That was when I could "see" it in terms of mileage last...
  2. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    I don't believe every single line of the Modules ("BCE Modules" as seen in the screenshot example below) has to be filled out. If you are seeing data for your VIN, then that is confirmation (a "good sign") that things are happening production-wise with your vehicle. Conversely, if you get NO...
  3. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Perhaps another helpful way to track the production of your vehicle is to monitor when the modules and SYNC data gets updated and shown. The two links below are to previous posts I wrote describing them in more detail. Modules...
  4. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Just curious -- were you verbally told "locked in" on the price, or did you also have a signed purchase agreement?
  5. Haven’t received a confirmation email from ford

    You can talk to your dealer, and see if they can change their system to use *your* email address, and not theirs. Or if you have your DORA sheet from your dealer, you can use that information and contact Ford Performance during business hours to get the latest status on your vehicle...
  6. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Today I got and installed BMR Jacking Rails on my new 2022 GT. Took about an hour from start to finish. Fairly easy install. Longest part was probably scraping off the seam sealer near the front two bolts (on both the Driver and Passenger sides). I used blue threadlocker on all 8 bolts (4...
  7. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Below is a link to another independently developed Ford Order Tracking App. I found this on the Bronco 6G Forum. Seems to consolidate a lot of the same information:
  8. "TentacleKitty"


    This is TentacleKitty. This cute little animal was given to me as a gift years ago. It is always in the Mustang, for every ride, every mile. This TentacleKitty resided in my first 2015 Mustang for 4 years, and now in my new 2022 Mustang.
  9. Question on orders

    For vehicles in the unscheduled order bank the "Scheduled for Production" and VIN emails from Ford typically are sent on Thursdays and/or Fridays. Getting the email means your vehicle is then considered "scheduled" for Production. Also note that you may continue getting further emails from...
  10. anybody else in the past can give me an estimate on if it’s possibly gonna get built earlier or later?

    To the OP, it may get "built" but there is a real probability that it will not "ship" due to parts shortages.
  11. Waiting...the struggle is real

    I think the video below might help explain today's Mustang production situation, but on a smaller scale (compared to the trucks):
  12. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    As for a car's actual build time, I think there is a varied answer. Body panel stamping/production and painting are usually done well ahead of a chassis rolling and being assembled on the line. So I imagine there is a staging area (or many areas) where hoods, fenders, trunks, doors and various...
  13. Help with order details

    On your DORA sheet are the Sales Code and Order Code. During business hours, you can contact Ford Performance (see link just below), and they can give you the latest status of your order. Ford Performance: If you are curious about one person's...
  14. Does ford have orders slip through the cracks?

    It can range from as little as 3 months to many months. Lots of factors are involved, if you spend time looking through the many threads and discussions on this forum. I've documented my recent order to delivery timeline, which was about 12 weeks, and it can be seen at this post below...
  15. Plant Hold stuck at Railyard

    Something similar was recently discussed by several forum members. Try reading through this at the link below: