Perhaps some backstories first.

I'm that guy who at a very young age noticed my neighbor across the street with a new (early 1970s) Mercury Cougar. That was the first car I ever saw with sequential rear turn signals, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I'll never forget how that looked, how those lights danced and moved from inside to out. I must have said to myself, "I've gotta have that someday, somehow."

My father purchased a 1974 Ford Galaxie 500 station wagon during the Oil Embargo Crisis. The Ford Dealer in Stayton, Oregon had many of these parked on the lot, and with the embargo, they weren't selling. My father made a deal to get one for nearly a thousand dollars discounted -- for that era, an amazing deal. It was a 400 ci V8, with folding back seats, a roof-rack, air-conditioning, and a lot of space. It didn't get the best gas mileage (10 city, 14 hwy), but if you put the foot down, that engine would roar and deliver. My father kept, maintained and owned that car for almost 25 years. What a beast: big, heavy, full chrome bumpers and built like a tank. My father was very proud of that Ford station wagon, and I will never forget how many family trips it transported us over all those years and hundreds of thousands of miles.

My mother was always a fan of the Mustang from the very beginning. She first arrived to the United States around the same time the original Mustang started selling. She loved my first Mustang (2015 GT Premium). It was what I drove her in to many places, and eventually when she became too old to drive herself. One of her last car rides was in that Mustang, before she became permanently bedridden.

Whether it was my boyhood fascination of the sequential turn signals, or my father's Galaxie 500, or what my first Mustang meant to my mother and my years driving her around, I think there is a larger story in the fabric of my life that is linked to Ford, and the Mustang itself. I sold my 2015 Mustang a couple years ago as part of some life and move changes. It was a great first Mustang for me. It served me well.

My parents are gone and it has been a couple of years. Going forward, I'm ready to create more stories, memories and cherished moments with another fantastic car. And in a couple of months, I should be able to do that with a new, first-ever custom ordered 2022 Mustang GT.
2022 Mustang GT Premium, 2014 Toyota Tacoma
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2022 Mustang GT Premium 5.0L V8 Manual 400A Atlas Blue, Active Exhaust, B&O Sound
Custom Ordered: 12/14/2021, Built: 2/16/2022, Shipped: 2/17/2022, Delivered: 3/10/2022

2015 Mustang GT Premium 5.0L V8 Manual 400A Magnetic Metallic
Dealer Purchased: 11/2014, Sold: 7/2019