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  1. For those looking for HP wheels....

    how were they shipped, how were they packaged
  2. Brake part numbers

    What are the part number for brake pads, pin kit and discs for a 4 piston braking system. Tried looking it up but there is multiple part numbers
  3. Fender trim mach 1

  4. Fender trim mach 1

    Levittown how much will the M-1007K-MACH1H cost and do you ship to the north
  5. Fender trim mach 1

    They write factory equipment on mach 1 with handling package and they also have the base ones available
  6. Fender trim mach 1

    These bad boys
  7. Fender trim mach 1

    for those of you who have the handling package how far do the from rims extend. I just that ford performance released the wheels for sale
  8. Fender trim mach 1

    What is the part number for the fender trim for the mach 1 with the handling package. THe thin black piece that goes on the edge of the fender
  9. Diffuser removal

    where it mounts underneath the car, i just bought the diffuser life is expensive in Canada for the entire kit
  10. Diffuser removal

    i am replacing mine with the oem gt500. Kermitz is your diffuser from ford do you have any pics from underneath the car, thank ahead of time
  11. Diffuser removal

    What is the easiest way to take out the diffuser for a 2018 and up. I have seen on youtube where they have taken the bumper off and another vid where they left the bumper one. Anybody got any experience
  12. GT500 diffuser

    i have seen two different videos on youtube. One where they took off the bumper and one where the left it on. Is it easy to take it out with the bumper in place
  13. Brake pad part number

    What is the part number for front brake pads and hardware kit for 4 piston brakes
  14. Bmr cb007

    Has anyone installed bmr cb007 on a automatic car, how is the clearance between the transmission lines
  15. Emergency procedure for opening fuel door

    Is there another way to open the fuel door in case it is stuck or broken as an emergency. Some cars have a string in the trunk you can pull what about the mustang.