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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Thought i would give Selma a good cleanin. Prettiest girl at the ball
  2. Bad head gaskets on new Gen 3 coyote?

    Glad that it all worked out for you.
  3. front tire wear question

    Lol, still trying to figure that out
  4. GT Active Valve Exhaust

    I had the AE on my 21 gtpp and with the resonator delete it sounds really good. The different modes are nice as well, but it just ended up not being loud enough for me. Went with C&L muffler delete and now it sounds perfect.
  5. front tire wear question

    Ive still got the pirelli p-zero 255/40/19 on the front with over 17000 miles and they still have half their life. 21 twister orange gtpp Replaced my rears with continental extreme contact sports 295/40/19 with just over 12000 miles
  6. Welp this just happened

    First off, glad you are ok. The thing that sucks the most is if he does have insurance, how much coverage does he have? Enough to cover all vehicles? the same thing happened to me and i had to use my own insurance to cover repairs. hopefully things work out for you
  7. Stock 2018 6 Speed GT 1/4 Mile times

    I havent had the chance to go the track yet but when driving on the highway. Gtpp 6spd manual 3.73 gears. Always hits limiter at top of 113
  8. Stock 2018 6 Speed GT 1/4 Mile times

    I know this is an older thread, but my 21 gtpp hits the limiter at the top of 113 in 3rd gear. Is yours the same?
  9. 2020 GT500 factory axleback on GT

    She sounds really good. Great job
  10. 2020 GT500 factory axleback on GT

    Nope, but watching to see how it turns out
  11. Stock AE off

    The exhaust mode doesnt mean crap to me, although at some point will probably get that awe thingy. I can still select my drive modes and that was all i cared about
  12. Stock AE off

    I went with c&l muffler deletes. They were pretty affordable. 304 stainless steel. Actually pretty good quality. Yeah she screams. Love it
  13. Stock AE off

    The weird thing is. Its way louder then my 15 with the same mods. When i go cat deletes i may want to rethink things. Lol