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  1. 2018+ Euro Front Turn Signals

    Nice. Did you order from
  2. New Suspension feels fantastic

    If price is a major concern you can try Ohtsu fp8000 tires which are rebranded Falken tires. Decent summer time without breaking the bank. You can run the 285/35 or 275/40 option.
  3. New Suspension feels fantastic

    Thanks for the update. This makes me feel better about my future purchase. Soon enough I will be redoing my suspension (Steeda ultralite & FP Track shocks) which should be more or less like your setup give or take since your springs are a bit more stiffer. Its good to know you feel "luxurious"...
  4. Best Price for m-18000-f?

    I asked for a discount code. Unfortunately I received 50% off shipping. Better than nothing but still plenty of other places offering a better price.
  5. Best Price for m-18000-f?

    Yeah I got the quote from and unfortunately with shipping its definitely not the most inexpensive. So far JEGS seems to be the lowest price which I never would of thought. Lets see what else pops up. Has any one experienced a black Friday deal on these or something similar?
  6. Best Price for m-18000-f?

    I wish I can get that deal though. I reached out and unfortunately they told me this. Unfortunately, we do not currently have this item in our inventory at our warehouse and are unable to acquire it at this time. Part (M-18000-F) is on backorder with no estimated date of resupply...
  7. Best Price for m-18000-f?

    Wow that is a great price. Ill give them a call to see what the deal is. Thanks for the heads up
  8. Best Price for m-18000-f?

    Yeah I also will check with Benny that's with Levittown Ford for a discount code to see what final price will be. So far lowest price is from Jegs. They are offering $25 off items over $499. It does say for model years 15-16? I'm pretty sure M-18000-F is compatible from 15-current. Here's the...
  9. Best Price for m-18000-f?

    I'm slowly going to be purchasing/piecing my suspension setup. I wanted to get anyone's experience in purchasing Ford Performance Track Strut And Shock Kit m-18000-f. Are there any seasonal deals for this part or is it something that stays about the same in price year round?
  10. What can we do for You?

    Hello Benny! Interested in part # m-18000-f. Any discount code is greatly appreciated.
  11. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    Very nice! What specific steeda spring are these?
  12. Florida Steeda Trunk Pop Kit (Large Wing)

    Selling my steeda trunk pop kit for large wings. Purchased in Nov 2021 so fairly new. Probably popped the trunk about 10 times since that. I went back to stock and don’t really need these. $70 obo plus shipping.