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  1. Trading a Mustang

    what about Carvana or Vroom ? I know 2 people that had good luck with Vroom recently. Said it was real easy and they got good value. Vroom offered me $28,750 for my 16 GT Premium yesterday. It’s tempting.
  2. I hate deer

    Ouch thats my car wheels and all.... Painful to look at :computerrage: Mojo sent ☮
  3. Advice on buying 5.0?

    Yeah I’d order and wait. Makes no sense to buy used these days. The only time I’d buy a 4cylinder turbo is for my VW GTI I just bought. Fun car.
  4. Do you avoid or embrace car shows?

    I like going to Cars and Coffee type shows. There’s a few in my area that are weekly or bi-weekly. I‘m lucky if I hit 6 a year.
  5. To racing stripe or to not racing stripe ?

    Nice I see you don’t have the bumper and splitter done with the stripes. I kinda like that. My old 68 Camaro was while like that and I didn’t have stripes on the roof. I’m so torn on wether to do the roof and bumpers if I ever get it done. I probably would just stripe the hood and trunk...
  6. To racing stripe or to not racing stripe ?

    They definitely make the car stand out. In my case, I don’t want to stand out but I like the look :like:
  7. What's broke so far?

    2016 GT 25k miles . AC condenser went at 22k $1125
  8. 2020 Mustang GT with 27k Miles or 2022 Camaro SS

    $41k for a 2 year old GT with 27k miles is a hard sell for me. Quick search and I find a couple loaded GT’s for 44-45k In my area. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have the PP you want tho. Wouldn’t bother me as I don’t have it either. Anywho, good luck. Sounds like it’s a nightmare out there.
  9. Couldn’t pass up a good deal for a second S550

    yes and call my wife and tell her I need a GTI to haul gear to my music gigs. The Mustang can do it but it’s a total PIA.
  10. Ford Mustang is #12 Most Price Marked Up Vehicle (Over MSRP)

    Why ? They all drive better cars than I did back in the day. Half the posters here driving fairly new Mustangs are kids. My 1st 5 cars where toilets on wheels. weird thing, I’m thinking about buying a GTI new for $31k. Dealer has zero markup. If I look on Cargurus they sell used ones 2-3years...
  11. Anyone else not get active exhaust?

    I don't think they had it when I bought mine ? Whatever
  12. New member

    Blizzaks work great. Best mod you could do for a Supercharged Mustang in Michigan is a used 4x4 truck.
  13. 2015-2017 S550 Coyote 5.0 Ownership input

    1). 2016 with 25k I have 4 vehicles thats why it has low miles. 2) AC compressor went bad :( 3). No issues with the MT 82 4) n/a 5 ) Engine runs great 6) I upgraded Sync 3 and changed USB port to get Apple CarPlay 7) Paint is fine 8) I’m good with MBRP street exhaust I installed.
  14. Chip shortage to last until at least 2025...

    They need to make cars without the chip. :like:
  15. More Ridiculous Used Mustang Prices (and a few Corvettes)

    okay that would make sense.. Not much Info on the sticker