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  1. Coolant reservoir top: Clear or Black?

    Man, for so many people to be worried about something you'll never look at while driving is shocking. Who cares?!?
  2. Why Does Ford Call It S550?

    Usually the first letter designates the platform or model type, and the number is the program number. In this case S=sports car, and 550 may have been the next available program number within Ford. For example, the current Fusion is CD391, and the current F150 is P415.
  3. 2015 Mustang interior: Gauge, Instrument Cluster, Center Console Pic!!

    Round vents are nice because they allow more adjustment for airflow than the rectangular ones IMO. I don't care for the '10-14 center vents because as you adjust the left/right position, you cut airflow. The round vents don't appear to have this problem. Not all models are going to have three...
  4. 2015 Mustang interior: Gauge, Instrument Cluster, Center Console Pic!!

    I'd rather have the round vents. The current vents are garbage above the center stack.
  5. Tapatalk Issues?

    I cleared all data from the phone and signed in again, fixing the issue. Mods, feel free to delete.
  6. Tapatalk Issues?

    Odd. Mine sits and tries to connect to the server. Tried clearing the cache, removing and re-adding the forum in Tapatalk, and checked others that I have in my TT account, all of which work fine.
  7. Tapatalk Issues?

    I can't seem to view this site from Tapatalk anymore via a mobile device. I can see it fine in the web browser, just not through the app. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. Voodoo Theory

    Wrong. Roush is involved, but for other reasons.
  9. Voodoo Theory

    I'm not saying they'll use the 4.6 for one vehicle, I'm saying that in the future, a smaller, twin-turbo V8 might be something Ford looks at. I could see a 4.4-4.6 twin turbo V8 replacing the 6.2 in the Super Duty if they could prove it had the towing capacity and fuel economy they wanted...
  10. Voodoo Theory

    I don't think a boosted Coyote is the way to go. I'm sure Ford Racing will offer their usual mix of power adders, but I think the future will be a smaller engine, maybe a 4.6, with twin turbo power. Take a look at BMW and Mercedes, both are going to smaller V8's with twin turbo power to make big...
  11. Voodoo Theory

    Again, all speculative. While the SVT model will most likely be lighter, the base car will not.
  12. Voodoo Theory

    JW, stop. You are so misinformed it's annoying. A simple search proves you wrong: There's another big, obvious reason why Trinity needs to go. Think economics. I'm trusting peabody.
  13. New Undercarriage Shots of 2015 Mustang, with Production Valence and Exhaust

    If all Mustang production, domestic and export, is done at FRAP, that'll add units. Fusion sales are expected to continue going up in the next few years, so that also keeps the plant busy. Add in D-platform sedans and a possible Lincoln variant on any of those and you'll find enough to keep...
  14. Halogens/HIDs on the 2015 Mustang?

    The MKZ has LED headlamps already. They don't need to do anything to differentiate them between the two, just offer an upgraded headlamp to the Fusion and be done.
  15. Halogens/HIDs on the 2015 Mustang?

    Same problem with the CD391 Fusion. US market has halogen lamps only, but the Euro Mondeo will have LED headlamps as an option. I understand not wanting to creep all over Lincoln, but the Escape and Focus ST (which has a smaller volume) have HIDs available on the top trim/package levels. What...