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  1. Harsh Ride

    lowering springs on factory struts/shocks is doing you exactly zero favors. You need a good set of dampers.
  2. Has anyone widened a Roush wheel?

    I had weldcraft widen a set of marauder wheels, all the marauder guys who are looking for widened stock wheels go to weldcraft. They do excellent work for sure
  3. CR Spotless users, have you ever not dried off the car after washing it?

    I have a CR Spotless DIC-20 and have let cars air dry with no issues, the whole reason I have the system is so I don't towel dry anymore. I will however still go over the car with a leaf blower as when it comes to rinsing, if you're not careful to get all the soap suds off the car, you can still...
  4. 2015-2017 S550 Coyote 5.0 Ownership input

    1) Basic - - How many miles on your 2015-2017? 24k - Daily driver, Garage Queen or Race (Drag/Road/Auto Cross)? DD for first two years, now GQ - Long term ownership experience to date as far as reliability and expectation? Expectations met (Original Owner) Aside from listed below, I had a...
  5. Garage Lifts?

    Mohawk's look like the most over built / under rated lifts on the market. The 10k lbs 2 post looks like it could support twice its weight with how beefy the columns are. Certainly get what you're paying for with those. AFAIK Mohawk is the only one that offers adapters to use the 2 post for long...
  6. Garage Lifts?

    with the sheetrock I want to say around 12ft 6in but my memory is a little fuzzy on that. Should also mention, I did a lot of reading over on Garage Journal when it came to looking for lifts. Seems in more recent years Bendpak has had some hits and misses, including some people reporting when...
  7. Garage Lifts?

    I have a Challenger 4 post I use for parking/stacking and have been happy with it. IIRC every Challenger lift aside from the LE-10 2 post is made in the USA. At a minimum I would try to find a lift that is ALI certified, at least you know the device lifting the two ton automobile over your head...
  8. Beefcake Racing Tax Sale!!!

    Is the sale still ongoing?
  9. New Jersey Steeda Front Control Arms w/ Extended Ball Joint

    Where are you in NJ? I'm interested in these
  10. 2017 Roush RS3 Recall notice
  11. Anyone have insight or install this kit?

    cheap coilovers often ride like crap, and seeing you're in NE PA ( I know the roads all too well), you will hate your life with these on your car 550 dollars is not going to get you a properly thought out and setup coilover.
  12. Daily Driver Mods

    I have the BMR CB005 kit sitting in a box on my garage floor that I got on sale. Might be a winter project.
  13. Daily Driver Mods

    Speaking from experience as my 16 was my DD for a couple years (I no longer have to commute), vertical links helped cut down on inner wheel axle hop when I was taking sharp turns from a stop and rear shock mounts helped the car feel less bouncy in the rear on crap roads. Neither of these mods...
  14. I love the mustang…but…

    I've owned plenty of Ford products and can find things nit pick on all of them, same with all the BMW's I've had. Just because I like the car doesn't mean I can't point out that at times it feels like it was built by a group of hungover alcoholics on a Monday. Considering my car has a balanced...
  15. I love the mustang…but…

    Simple, they get it right the first time, which means the cost doesn't go up from having to do take 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to get the car out the door correct. Some of you people clearly expect too much from Ford to assemble a 40-50 thousand dollar mustang as well as a 20 thousand dollar Mazda 3.