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  1. anyone regret getting a X-Pipe

    I had The H with active mufflers and went to resonated 350 x with active mufflers and couldn’t be happier. There is a X GT 500 set up in the market now if I had a Mach 1 I would be all over it.
  2. Niche Sport Series Wheels Semi and Deep Concave | Authorized Dealer for your Mustang

    Happy Monday everyone ! Its wet here in So Cal so the boys are inside working on getting some awesome pretax deals setup for y'all. Interested give us a call or shoot us an email !
  3. Covid Shots

    Well he likes animals so he's got to be good :)
  4. Engine noise

    aero84, From underneath the car, I posted this last year. "I found something interesting while prepping the car to pull the trans for a new clutch. I'm not saying that this is the problem. The heat shield under the passenger header/ cat was never tightened from the factory and can make a very...
  5. Engine noise

    Check the heat shield nut at the top of the fire wall. I had a similar sound and the nut was loose on the passenger side just a thought.
  6. My Mach 1 changes coming.

    Is this your car at Taylor Ford Telegraph Cruise a few years ago?
  7. #1 spark plug pulled @ 54,0000 added Counterfeit NGK plugs?

    Darn internet has me double guessing my purchase! Any one with a picture of a genuine NGK iridium ltr6ix-11 spark plug? I may have received a counterfeit set. Taper shoulder has NGK I I I I I I I LTR6IX I I I I HEX has U1Z8 stamped on them.
  8. 10R80 Transmission Failsafe's?

    Did you buy the car New or Used?
  9. #1 spark plug pulled @ 54,0000 added Counterfeit NGK plugs?

    On the way NGK iridium ix spark plug ltr6ix-11 What would be the best gap for the plugs, thinking .050.
  10. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Went to Bakers in Milford on Sunday. Saw my first love. I had one just like this one brand new in 1984.
  11. Bad ford quality, Cars to replace my S550 GT

    7 years and 54000 miles and wouldn't trade for any you have listed.
  12. Any Detroit area folks on this forum?

    Is anyone going to Bakers on Sunday?