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  1. 2019 Shelby GT350 1000R Twin Turbo Build | 980 whp

    Ok I see the pump next to intercooler under the frame horn looks like a turbowerx exa pump just wondering
  2. 2019 Shelby GT350 1000R Twin Turbo Build | 980 whp

    What are you using to suck up the oil from the turbos back to the engine
  3. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    got to enjoy my car with my son
  4. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    brought my car home after getting done installing the heelion sleeper kit and gave her a much needed wash
  5. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    don't know if it's been asked but how is the handling with the mss coilovers any squeaking or noises from the springs and perches when driving I'm contemplating ordering a set for my 350
  6. New header’s bent at opening

    take a small ball peen and tap it back into shape
  7. LE Quarter Windows Installed

    where do I order from for brand less glass and forum code
  8. Front marker light bulb

    mine went out I pulled 4 of the push pins on the wheel well and was able to replace it no problem just turn the wheel all the way to make room
  9. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Build and Adventure Thread

    looks like the nut backed off and the stud unscrewed itself good thing it looks like no damage was done
  10. 1440 Rearwheel Horsepower

    did you keep the vct or lock them out
  11. 2021 GT500 Differential Cooling Line Rubbing

    Bend it out of the way
  12. 2019 Shelby GT350 800R Twin Turbo Build | 809 whp

    what does the small line on the catch can go to?
  13. Race Ramps

    I bought these and use them on my gt350...
  14. Mach 1 Hitch for Tire Trailer

    do you need to haul a trailer or could you use some type of small luggage carrier type rack?