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  1. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    Glad you couldn't afford one. More gibberish. Go play in ther GT section. Enoy your "reliable" car.
  2. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    I had my F40 out once and a guy told me he wouldn't pay that sort of money for a Fiat. Don't care, still don't care and I laugh. I still laugh. I've heard many times the "my best friends, dad's, cousins, uncle had one of those and it sucked, but I could have bought one, however I bought a...
  3. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    🙄. Sure. Sign me up for one of those.
  4. Owner’s Thoughts After First 500 Miles in New GT500 – Realization of Long Time Dream Car

    Can we stop with this garbage. The market dictates the price just like the little oranges you buy at the grocery store. If you can't afford it, or have "principle issues" then just don't buy it.
  5. 2020 Shelby GT500 and GT350 Dealer Allocation

    Sure you do! They haven’t even released information on 22. I’m at The Quail and just spoke with Ford Performance, they haven’t released any info and will not be until they have a better idea as to getting orders filled. Nice try.
  6. 2022 GT500 Order

    Not only that, but do you know the amount of development dollars a comapny has to put into a change like that? They can't just wake up and go, "oh let's put a manual in our GT500" It takes millions in development, safety, re-engineering production lines etc. etc. etc. And good luck with...
  7. GT500 markups

    I don't tell people how to spend their money. I bought a CFTP, it's coming in a month and a half and will be driving the hell out of it. I'll drive it for 18 months sell it for more than I paid or minimal loss (and yes, I paid ADM) and drive my 296 GTB when it arrives. And do the same with a...
  8. GT500 markups

    Yes. Once it has a build date it has a VIN and can’t be changed. I don’t get the fuss with ADM. If you can’t afford it or have a “moral” issue, don't buy it. Why the hell would a dealer sell you a car that they know they can make an extra 5-10K. It’s simple supply and demand. Not too...
  9. GT500 markups

    Interesting article.\
  10. 2021 order delivery times

    My order was accepted April 28th, I just received a build date of Sept. 6th with VIN.
  11. GT500 markups

    This is not only an absolute yes but people better understand it’s the last of the kind. Supply and demand. If you can afford one buy it. If you can’t afford it, and want to cry about ADM, boo hoo, poor me, sorry. That’s what the market dictates.
  12. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    I'm going with a full Stainless Works Redline cat back and headers.