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  1. Good deal: Sport Cup 2s at Walmart

    Seems more like clearing out older inventory before winter than a pricing error. Walmart doesn't want to sit on 2-3 year old track tires.
  2. Good deal: Sport Cup 2s at Walmart

    price dropped to $135 for the MPSS....cant say no, i"ll get some glass and make a coffee table until I need them lol:p
  3. Tech Pack Class Action Lawsuit

    What is so funny? Ford has pulled out of Rallycross after 2017 and more cuts could be coming down the CEO isn't fkn around

    Northside Ford is awful, San Antonio Dealers in general are sleazy, look toward Austin to get treated like a normal human.

    Is this a parts bin R? Missing correct steering wheel and seats or am I crazy?
  6. 2015 GT to replace BMW

    That sounds normal, he's probably adding the car to a policy with multiple vehicles on it already...$159 isn't cheap either I'm paying a little over $200 for a 2015 GT and a 2016 Fx4
  7. Will probably switch back to BMW. (No, not a troll!)

    A loaded up mustang is still about 20k less than a m3/m4, so nothing has really changed. 240i seems like apples to oranges imo.
  8. Cooper Zeon RS3-S? 19x10 19x11 6gr's

    Hi, found a good deal on four of these for a little under $800 shipped and wanted to know if they'll fit...I'm lowered on bmr-sp080's Sizes would be: 325/30/19 (26.73" tall 12.3" wide) 265/35/19 (26.34" tall 10.7" wide) Other option is MPSS for about $300 more and was leaning toward that...
  9. Tires - Michelin Pilot Super Sports (305/325) GOOD PRICE!!

    If not I will buy two! Was this an online price or local?
  10. 2018 Mustang Build & Price on July 25 [UPDATE: Now Live!]

    Those forged wheels on a PP GT in silver with red recaro would be my pick if it wasn't close to 50k lol...May stick with 15 a little longer.
  11. What should I get?

    What options are you wanting that you can't find? Type your zip into ford inventory and look within 100 miles....That msrp you quoted is what my 15 GT premium with recaros came in at. I daily a 2016 5.0 s-crew f150 and while it's more comfortable it doesn't provide the same smiles the GT does...
  12. GT350 Ding Magnet?

    I have this same issue on my 15' GT right near the end of the hood in center. It's like something was underneath the hood when it was being stamped? I have taken it to two deal who have told me it would most likely be covered under warranty, but then Ford sends back the reply that they can't see...
  13. FS: Factory 19" PP wheels only

    you have buyers for both fronts (I need 1, can meet around Austin) and the rears. You can create a UPS label, and they'll pick them up at your doorstep.
  14. 2015 Mustang Wheel and Tire Sizes

    Are there any 18's (preferably 5 spoke) that clear the PP brakes?
  15. FS: Factory 19" PP wheels only

    I'll buy a front if you decide to separate